Q&A: What Can I Do to Lower My Milk Supply?

I keep getting mastitis, and I think it’s because I make too much milk. Whatcan I do to lower my milk supply?
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Updated January 30, 2017
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As I have said numerous times in my practice, oversupply sounds like a “goodproblem” to have when breastfeeding, but it is a problem nonetheless and mustbe managed appropriately, or mastitis will reccur throughout breastfeeding. If thebaby is gaining weight well, most moms try to use one breast at each feeding.If the baby still appears a little fussy afterward, go back to the same side forseveral more minutes until the baby is satisfied. Try to leave the other breastalone until the next feeding and then use that side. If moms are unable to toleratewaiting until the next feeding, then pump or hand express for only a few minutesto help alleviate the extreme fullness of that breast. Try to use one breast perfeeding for three to five days until the breasts become adjusted. If there is stilloversupply, try to use one breast for a three-hour block of time. It is important tonote that we are not limiting the baby to every three hours, we are “assigning” abreast a 3 hour time frame, also known as block nursing. Some moms feel that acold compress or cold cabbage leaves applied to the breasts after a feeding helpalleviate the discomfort.

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