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What My Baby Is Grateful for This Thanksgiving

I asked my 9-month-old daughter, Evie, what she’s thankful for this Thanksgiving. She clapped her hands, belched, then picked up her copy of _Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See _and started babbling:

What I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving

  • Mommy’s boobs.
  • A fresh, dry diaper…ahhh.
  • The awesome orange monkey mirror hanging from my play mat gym.
  • All-night sound machines – especially the White Noise setting.
  • Boobs.
  • Avocado chunks that aren’t too slippery and just the right size to gum down.
  • Pureed prunes — for when I have that no-so-regular feeling.
  • Rubdowns from my nanny, who happens to be a trained massage therapist.
  • Milk (see: Boobs.)
  • The occasional glimpse of television — that screen is transfixing!
  • Photos of my parents, which never fail to bring a huge smile to my face.
  • The wind in my hair when Mommy and Daddy push me on the swing.
  • Sneezing dogs – that s&%t is funny.
  • Have I mentioned boobs?

Happy Thanksgiving, baby!

What do you think your baby would say she’s thankful for, if she could talk?

Photo: My little turkey is thankful for boobs, avocado and her favorite monkey mirror.
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