What Should My Toddler Do While I Shower?

Obviously, I need to take a shower, but I’m hesitant to leave my toddler unattended while I suds up. What should I do with my toddler while I shower?
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By Elizabeth Pantley, Parenting Expert
Updated January 30, 2017
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You’re right to be nervous — toddlers can get into trouble in less time than it takes to lather up. But you deserve a shower. So the key is to figure out a way to keep your toddler busy, happy and safe while you’re getting clean. Elizabeth Pantley, author of_ The No-Cry Discipline Solution_, suggests putting together a box of fun, safe toys or games that can only be used when you’re in the shower. “Occasionally refill it with new things or rotate the contents, and be firm about putting them away when you’re done showering,” Pantley says. “Your child will be look forward to your next shower, and hopefully it will be relaxing and interruption-free!”

Use your judgment — and knowledge of your child’s temperament — to decide where to place the box while you shower. Some moms let their toddlers play in the bathroom during shower time, so they can keep an eye on them; just be sure to secure the toilet seat, the garbage can and any poisonous cleaning chemicals first. Other moms prefer to set up a play area in the toddler’s bedroom with the door shut or use a playpen in the living room, if their child can’t climb out.

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