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Best Sleep Positions for a Newborn

Learn how to put baby to bed safely so you can both sleep soundly.

Yay, you finally got baby to sleep! But believe it or not, not all sleep positions are created equal. Placing baby on his back is by far the safest sleep position.

Even if you believe baby will sleep more soundly on his stomach or side, resist the temptation. Tummy sleeping dramatically increases the risk of SIDS. But if baby starts rolling over from his back to his stomach in the crib on his own (this usually happens around 4 or 5 months, it’s safe for him to sleep on his tummy. Still, place him on his back at the start of the night. If he turns to his tummy himself, that’s totally okay.

More Stay-Safe Tips
Steer clear of infant sleep positioners, which seem like a way to keep baby from rolling over but actually can increase the risk of babies suffocating. Also, keep the crib clutter-free: Pillows, stuffed animals and  bumpers are all suffocation hazards too. Without them, you can rest much easier.

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