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Why I Don’t Need A ‘Logical’ Reason To Want Another Baby

Pregnant women are like beacons for unsolicited advice. And when you're carrying twins, that unwanted advice tends to… well, double. When I was pregnant with my now one-year-old twins, everyone had something to say about it.

Usually, I got comments along the lines of "double trouble," or "you'll have your hands full."  And when people found out I was expecting a boy and a girl, many congratulated me on getting it all "out of the way" in one go. Um, excuse me? As if one boy and one girl were the only acceptable twin configuration — no more, no less.

I can tell you that this past year has been the most challenging of my life. But at no point would you hear me say that I'm done having kids.   knew early on that I wanted to have a family and that I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, although I wasn't sure how many kids I would want. Now that I've had two at once, I don't think I'm ready to call it quits!

Even though I didn't really enjoy being pregnant, I long to experience it again. Hopefully, next time with only one baby!  Transitioning from "me" to "mommy" has been so eye-opening, and pregnancy was such an important part of all that, it seems strange not to go through it again. All that learning, all that change, just to be done with it?

My husband is a very practical kind of guy, and as my co-parent, I know he's experienced some difficulties as we have adjusted to parenting two babies. I think (okay: fear) he might be done and ready to give it all he's got to the two we have. According to him, I need some logical reasons to have another baby.

I'm not sure if my feelings are logical, but they are definitely there. In reality, I know that my role as mother has only just begun and that there is so much to do and appreciate with the two children I have. But I still wonder what it all might be like if my family went through this life-changing process again, together.

How did you know you were ready for another baby?

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