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Q&A: Will Long Babies Grow Up to Be Taller?

Will long babies grow up to be taller?

There’s no way to know for sure. Lots of factors go into predicting adult height and doctors can only really begin to accurately estimate how tall your child will be once he hits age 2. So just because your baby is a bit taller than you were at birth doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll sprout into a lanky model when she gets older. Nutrition of course plays an important role, but genetics is the biggest factor. Most healthy people end up with a height somewhere between that of their parents. Boys are likely to top off closer to the height of their dads and girls closer to that of their moms. A few methods can more or less calculate future height using your child’s current weight, height, age, and the height of you and your partner — but, sorry, you’ll still have to wait until your little one gets a bit bigger to get the real read.

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