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The 11 Worst Things Mothers-in-Law Did

Relationships with mothers-in-law are pretty complicated. She thinks she’s well-meaning, and you think she’s, well, annoying. Here, Bumpies* share the worst things their moms-in-law ever did.

“Right after I had my daughter via c-section, my mother-in-law was waiting in the recovery room for me. She stood over me and kept telling me how low my blood pressure was. I was kind of in shock after the procedure and just wanted to see my baby. Like I really needed to be more worried after a major surgery!”

“She tried to compare her sons to my son: ‘All my kids drank their bottles so fast,’ or ‘My kids burped once and never spit up.’” —starfish76

“When I was six months pregnant and on, my mother-in-law kept saying, ‘Wow! You’ve exploded!’ to me once a week.” — jpa99

“One time during a two-hour car ride, the baby cried most of the time. Fifteen minutes into my daughter’s crying, my mother-in-law started to take her out of the car seat while we were on a busy highway! She told my baby, ‘I know your mom isn't going to like this, but I'm going to hold you.’ I know car seats weren't always a law, but they are now and for a very good reason!” —dee_0

“She would hover over me while I was changing my son’s diaper, and every time he cried, she would say ‘He’s constipated,’ or ‘He’s hot.’” —lala

“She stayed in the delivery room after I told her a billion times that she was making me feel uncomfortable. Then she stayed in my room when I was breastfeeding for the first time—she stood directly over me! It still makes me mad to think about it.”

“My mother-in-law pretended she was pregnant and due the same day as me.”

“When my son was positioned up in my ribs while I was pregnant, I gently pushed my stomach so he would move. She flipped out and told me to not push on her grandson. I had to leave the room I was so mad!” —beetee

“When we found out I was pregnant, my husband called his parents excitedly. All my mother-in-law could say was that he shouldn't get excited because she herself had a few miscarriages.” —mm9

“She nicknamed my son ‘Ducky’ while he was in utero, which I hated. Then she told everyone that it was what I called him and tricked my sister-in-law into using it as a shower theme!” —by_u

“The day I came home from the hospital in the spring, my mother-in-law walked up to me, shook my belly and said, ‘Now you just need to get rid of this by summer.’” —gigit

*Names have been changed

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