You Know You’re a Mom When…

Bumpies share the moment when it finally hit them: “Wow, I’m someone’s mom!”
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BySarah Yang
Aug 2016
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“You write checks in crayon ’cause that’s all you can find.” — Shelly G.

“Amazon shows my ‘recommended for you’ products as toys and diapers — not shoes and handbags.” — Alicia A.

“You’re proud of someone for burping.” — Lyningram V.

“You say ‘I slept all night!’ and it was only for three hours.” — JoAnna G

“You don’t own a purse anymore because a diaper bag carries all you need.” — Mary S.

“You care more about the consistency of poop than other things that seemed important before.” — Hailey R.

“You’ve got bags under your eyes and your hair’s a mess, but you don’t mind, because you’re in love with your baby.” — Laura J.

“You hear your mother’s voice…coming out of your mouth!” — Cat P.

 “You trade sexy tops for nursing shirts, cute skinny jeans for maternity pants, and nights out for rocking your baby to sleep.” — Shannon G.

“You can put on makeup one-handed while baby sleeps on your shoulder.” — Adrienne is your homepage instead of Net-a-Porter.” — Aisha A.

“Your Google search history is baby-related searches, like ‘best baby onesies’ and ‘is it normal when baby does…’” — Nadia M.

“Your bottle discussions aren’t about wine.” — Krista U.

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