E-Cigarette Liquids Could Fool You Into Thinking They're Juice Boxes

And they come in kid-friendly flavors.
ByLaurie Ulster
Contributing Writer
June 19, 2018
e-cigarette juice package almost the same as kids mott apple juice

For smokers looking to kick the habit, e-cigarettes are often considered a healthier swap for the transition, but nicotine liquid for e-cigs poses an additional danger cigarettes don’t have: The latest lines are being designed to resemble tasty treats like candy and juice boxes—and they look so similar, a toddler or tired parent might easily mistake them for the real thing.

If you’re not vape-savvy, here’s a quick primer: Smokers use a device that looks like a pen (or a handful of other familiar household objects) and load it with liquid “e-juice,” which gives them their nicotine fix without the smoke. They’re particularly popular with teenagers.

In order to make the e-juice appealing, it comes in a huge variety of flavors that seem very kid-friendly, like candy, fruit, apple pie and chocolate—and have packaging to match.

It’s not difficult to see the disaster-in-the-making here: An exhausted parent could easily mistake one container for another. An inquisitive toddler might be poking around where he’s not supposed to while a parent is momentarily distracted, and be thrilled to find what looks like candy tucked away somewhere. And once the package is in hand, the smell of the e-liquid is hardly a deterrent—the odor inside will be familiar to any juice-loving little one.

If there are teenagers—the targets of the marketing campaigns behind this deceptive packaging—in the house using these products, chances are even higher that they’ll be left in a place for tiny hands to find. The dangers of consuming these products for small children include possible seizures and risk of coma or death, depending on how much is ingested.

The FDA and FTC have issued warnings to the companies who make them, but if someone in your house is using these products, it’s important to stay vigilant.

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