The Internet Is Outraged Over a New Version of the Alphabet Song

The new version slows down “LMNOP,” but people aren’t feeling the change.
ByNehal Aggarwal
Associate Editor
October 30, 2019
toddler hands playing with alphabet letters
Image: Nora Carol / Getty Images

The internet often comes with remixes and do-overs of classic songs, but apparently there are some things that just shouldn’t be messed with—including the Alphabet Song, which people hold near and dear to their hearts. The internet is fuming over a now-gone-viral rendition, and for the funniest reason.

In grade school, most people sing the song so that “LMNOP” is said all together and actually sounds like “elemenopee.” But this new song slows down the letters to make them more coherent, ending the verse with ‘LMN” and starting the following verse with “OPQ.”

Let’s just say, people are less than pleased. The video, posted by Dream English Kids, already has over six million views and is making the rounds on Twitter. “They changed the ABC song to clarify the LMNOP part, and it is life ruining,” one person wrote. Another commented, ““They” can pry the original LMNOP out of my cold dead hands.” Yet another person stated, “It’s worse than when singers do their own take and butcher the national anthem.”

Despite the outrage, the slow “LMNOP” does serve a pretty heartwarming purpose. The original poster of the video, Matt R., explains he uses it to teach English as a foreign language to young kids. “[I] have found this way the most effective for teaching the letters. If you would like to see another version with the fast l,m,n,o,p please let me know in the comments,” he writes in the description of the video.

Maybe there’s room for an alternative version to the Alphabet Song after all.

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