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7 Super Cute Babies Smooching Each Other (Prepare To Melt!)

There's nothing cuter than a kiss from a baby — but two babies kissing each other? Forget about it! You'll see exactly what I'm talking about when you check out these adorable little lads and ladies puckering up for a sweet kiss!

Mud Spice / The Bump
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baby kiss
A Bog, A Girl, A Baby, and Their Dog / The Bump
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Party Peck
The Briggs Family Blah... Blah.. Blahg / The Bump
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Two Lions in Love
Balaji / The Bump
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C'mere and Kiss Me!
It's Always Something / The Bump
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A (Really) Wet One!
Life Pain Blog / The Bump
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Sidewalk Chalk Smooch
Kyan's Fight / The Bump
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Brotherly Nosey Nuzzle
Mud Spice / The Bump
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Sweet Smacker!
By Kylie McConville