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Scared Of Santa!

Ready to crack up? These babies and kids aren’t thrilled to be meeting Santa, but they’re just too cute. Enjoy!
UsedtobeGoldie / The Bump
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Fearsome Threesome

We’re totally impressed by Santa’s grip here!

Deannabee78 / The Bump
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Santa Stare-Down

“You wanna piece of me, Santa?”

Kellybellybean / The Bump
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Cute Crier

Miserable, yet adorable.

LDQAM516 / The Bump
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Tantrum Alert!

C’mon Santa. Don’t just sit there. Bring him tidings and cheer!

Rlthomas7 / The Bump
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The Squirmer

“Santa? Dude, I’m outta here.”

VTBride05 / The Bump
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Sweetly Sobbing

Aw, we just want to give this boy a hug. It’s okay, buddy!

Weddingbellenyc / The Bump
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Scared Sisters

Whoa! Major fear here. (We can’t blame them really — this Santa’s a little creepy.)

KJ Mashup / The Bump
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Little Elf

Baby’s not happy, but we love that authentic-looking Kris Kringle!

By The Bump Editors