Your Toddler: 13-18 Months

Can My Toddler Use My I Phone?

Find out if it's safe to let a toddler play with a smartphone or tablet.

Dealing with a fussy toddler can be tough, so distracting her with your cell phone may seem like a good idea. But you might want to rethink it. Children under two years old should stay screen-free, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Plus, kid-friendly apps are meant to be enjoyed by parents and children together, says Monica Vila, founder of, a website that helps parents protect their kids online.

Then there are safety risks: If baby drops a phone or tablet, batteries can fall out and screens can shatter. Also, have you seen reports that cell phones have traces of poop on them? Yuck! No matter how much you clean, your gadget could still be germy. Do you really want to let baby get her hands on that?

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