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Twins Who Can't Tell Themselves Apart

After spending nine months in the womb together, you form a pretty special bond. Add some matching outfits and it’s hard for the twins themselves to know who’s who! Here’s a tribute to kids who bring twice the cuteness!
Do you think they see quadruple?
Submitted by KarliB84.
“If we trade hats, they’ll never know the difference.”
Submitted by KOneal.
“Enough pictures Mom! We’re gonna miss the game!”
Submitted by Leydi511.
“Are they lookin’ at us?” “Yeah, they’re lookin’ at us!”
Submitted by AJFmom.
Pretty (happy) in pink!
Submitted by GDavis.
“We’re two peas in a pod. Now get us out!”
Submitted by KRasmusson.
It’s the ultimate stare-down.
Submitted by reneedisse_pr.
“Mom, we need some wet wipes over here!”
Submitted by Noinyc.
“Dude, that duck is wearing people pajamas!”
Submitted by Angelfire02.
“Are we done yet? This tie is killing me!”
Submitted by JVargas.
By Leah Rocketto