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Twins Who Can't Tell Themselves Apart

After spending nine months in the womb together, you form a pretty special bond. Add some matching outfits and it’s hard for the twins themselves to know who’s who! Here’s a tribute to kids who bring twice the cuteness!
KarliB84 / The Bump
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Do you think they see quadruple?
Submitted by KarliB84.
KONeil / The Bump
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“If we trade hats, they’ll never know the difference.”
Submitted by KOneal.
Leydi511 / The Bump
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“Enough pictures Mom! We’re gonna miss the game!”
Submitted by Leydi511.
AJFmom / The Bump
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“Are they lookin’ at us?” “Yeah, they’re lookin’ at us!”
Submitted by AJFmom.
GDavis / The Bump
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Pretty (happy) in pink!
Submitted by GDavis.
KRasmusson / The Bump
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“We’re two peas in a pod. Now get us out!”
Submitted by KRasmusson.
Reneedisse_pr / The Bump
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It’s the ultimate stare-down.
Submitted by reneedisse_pr.
Noinyc / The Bump
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“Mom, we need some wet wipes over here!”
Submitted by Noinyc.
Angelfire02 / The Bump
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“Dude, that duck is wearing people pajamas!”
Submitted by Angelfire02.
Vargas / The Bump
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“Are we done yet? This tie is killing me!”
Submitted by JVargas.
By Leah Rocketto