Why Working Out Is Essential for This Mom Boss’s Self-Care Routine

“I’m a big believer that taking care of myself first is key to balancing my life as a mom and an entrepreneur.”
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By Nehal Aggarwal, Editor
Published December 30, 2019
mom boss, ashley mills co-founder of obe fitness

The Bump presents #MomBoss, a series dedicated to showing off all-star moms. We catch up with mompreneurs behind products we love, influencers who get real about motherhood and SAHMs who can multitask in their sleep.

Finding time to get a workout in and stay on top of health goals is hard for anyone—especially moms. Ashley Mills, mom of two, was looking for an at-home fitness solution that would work for her when she launched obé fitness along with co-founder Mark Mullett in 2018. The streaming fitness brand offers 14 new classes each day, an on-demand library of workouts and live classes at their NYC-based studio. The best part? Classes are as short as 10 or 28 minutes and are tailored to different levels of fitness—including a prenatal track for moms-to-be—as well as different workout styles, including cardio, strength and yoga.

We talked to Mills to hear more about obé fitness, how she’s balancing work and parenting and her personal goals for 2020.

Tell Us About obé and Where the Idea Stemmed From

My co-founder and I worked together in Hollywood prior to starting obé and saw a massive opportunity to disrupt the at-home fitness category. Technology was changing media as we knew it at a rapid pace and the boutique fitness industry was simultaneously taking off. As consumers, we both needed an at-home solution—so we put our heads together and came up with obé. Our goal from the start was to bring the spice of a great 80s workout, as well as the community found in brick and mortar settings, and pair that with incredible talent to inspire live classes that create accountability. From there obé was born!

How Did You Set About Creating obé’s Energizing Look and Feel?

We’ve always loved how color and light can change your mood. As we were designing and bringing the box to life, we were inspired by contemporary artists James Turrell and Dan Flavin, amongst other influences. It was important for us to design a set that reflects our fun and high-energy workouts!

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Why Do You Think Millennial Parents are Drawn to Streaming Workouts?

We live in an on-demand world and people want things in the moment. Having effective classes that aren’t time-consuming makes obé’s workouts convenient, and offering live classes is a super-important piece of the puzzle because it builds community and accountability in real time.

How Do You Envision obé’s Prenatal Track Becoming a Tool for Expectant Women?

Working out safely while pregnant is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby. I felt like training throughout both my pregnancies helped me better prepare for birth and motherhood. We have workouts that are perfect for each trimester, and moms-to-be can use obé’s prenatal classes as a tool to get stronger and offset any pregnancy-related aches and pains.

How Do You Manage Running a Startup and Being a Mom?

I’m a big believer that taking care of myself first is key to balancing my life as a mom and an entrepreneur. For me, that means doing an early morning workout and taking a few moments in my day to breathe. When I do that, I’m able to show up as the best version of myself for everyone in my life.

Image: Ashley Mills

Is There One Product that Makes Your Life as a Mom Easier?

Jetblack (a text-based personal shopping service) is a game-changer. I also have a 6-week-old and the Elvie pump is incredible. I never thought I would be pumping on my commute!

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

My goal is always to be a better version of myself, but I’m focusing on staying hydrated and drinking more water in the New Year!
Looking to try obé in the New Year? Get 30 percent off your first month of obé with code BUMP30.

Published December 2019

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