Baby Names for My Second Child Are So Tricky! Any Tips?

Every time my husband and I agree on a baby name for our second child, we realize it doesn't really "go" with the name we gave our first child. Are there any tips for naming a second child?
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Updated September 15, 2020
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When your first child has a classic name like Abigail or Jonathan, giving your second baby a trendy or ethnic name like Roxy or Topaz just doesn’t sound right — and vice versa.

Keep all of your kids’ names popular or unique or ethnic. But, more specifically, when naming each child, you may also want to consider sticking to the same general baby name category or theme — such as virtue baby names, bookworm baby names or ancient baby names. But don’t make them too matchy-matchy, according to Jennifer Moss, founder of “Imagine how people will react. Will they laugh? ‘Oh, Meadow and Blossom. Powerpuff girls.’" She also says to steer away from two names that rhyme because they’re just too similar. “[Siblings] need their own identity,” she says.

Another way to tie two names to each other is with similar lengths or first letters. And always say them together out loud several times to get a true sense of how they sound as a combo; sometimes simply seeing names on paper doesn’t tell the whole story.

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