Baby Names We Can’t Believe Are Baby Names

You know those names that make you go, "Really?! You named your kid that?” From Hashtag to Homer, here are some of the most ridiculous baby names our Bumpies have heard.
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Updated June 25, 2018
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“Please don’t slap two names together that you like and think it sounds great — ‘I like Andrew and my husband likes Stephen…heck, let’s name him Standrew!’ Ugh.” — rosiep

“Richard Gere named his son Homer. Oh man, the jokes this kid will hear.” — rp

“I still haven’t gotten over Gwyneth Paltrow naming her child Apple. Notice how that trend never caught on!” — amyf

“I thought Hashtag was bad, but then I read about a little boy named Facebook. Facebook?! How could you do that to your kid?” — Allison H.

“I worked at a school one time where a little boy’s name was Nivlac, Calvin backward, and his dad’s name was Nivek, Kevin backward!” — aggie

“My former sister-in-law’s cousin named her child Houston Rocket. What the heck?!” — Blondie

“Someone named their daughter Matyson, instead of Madison. That’s just a little too unique.” — Njohnson

“Apparently there’s a family at my gym with the last name Bean. They have girls who are named after different types of beans, like October, Boston and Seven. Seriously.” — shadow

“A friend of mine teaches and has twins in her class named Audacious and Bodacious.” — ec

“Le-a, pronounced ‘Ledasha.’ I learned the hard way that the dash isn’t silent!” — Jenna B.

“Aquafresh. I kid you not.” — Jeannie T.

“Abcde, pronounced Ab-sid-ee. The parents weren’t as clever as they thought they were.” - Nadia R.

“My dad met someone named Chlamydia. Turns out the mother thought it sounded pretty.” — Estelle H.

“Celebrity actress Shannon Sossamon’s son’s name is Audio Science. Jason Lee’s son’s name is Pilot Inspektor. Terrible!” — Rachel W.

“My husband is trying to convince me to name our son Thor… I just can’t do it!” — Bella P.

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“My son has a friend named ‘Dorcus.’ Poor kid.” — Janice W.

“Tree (for a boy) and Tippy (for a girl). Their last name Topp. Tree Topp and Tippy Topp. No joke.” — Pam F.

“North West — Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their daughter that!” — Julianna M.

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