Naya breast pump wins the 2017 Best of Baby Tech Award from The Bump.
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Baby Tech, Baby Eats: Naya Smart Breast Pump

Better, faster, stronger—this is the pump upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

At this point, we’ve almost normalized the pain points of breast pumping, accepting that nursing moms just can’t have it all. A highly-efficient pump is rarely portable. Durability is countered with ugly design. Enter Naya. Everything about this pump is different—including the way it pumps.


  • Rather than using air, Naya uses flowing water to pump, which means a quieter, gentler process and stronger suction
  • This modular, 3-pound pump is designed for portability; the sleek storage bag snaps right onto the base
  • Naya’s Bluetooth technology allows it to connect to an optional app to serve as a remote, track your feeding sessions and calculate your milk’s expiration date
  • Initial tests demonstrate Naya expresses 29 percent more milk than existing best-selling pumps


Naya has completely reimagined what pumping can be: a luxurious experience. It’s all about thoughtful, outside-the-box design that gives mom the help she needs.

Price: $999

Photo: Naya Health
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