Best of Pregnancy Winner for Best Breast Pump

Busy mamas, rejoice! This super-light and portable breast pump can slip right in your pocket and can be charged with a USB cord.
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Updated March 21, 2022
Medela Freestyle Flex Double Electric Breast Pump
Image: Courtesy Medela
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And the Winner Is: Medela Freestyle Flex Double Electric Breast Pump

Pumping breast milk for baby can feel like a serious workout. Finding a private space, setting up your equipment and sitting through a session of squeezing, dripping and bottling is enough to make anyone break a sweat. And if you’re doing it between meetings, prepping meals or while on the go, well, we empathize and tip our hats to you.

It’s never going to be completely effortless, but there are ways to streamline the pumping process. For starters, get yourself a powerhouse pump that gets the job done better and faster, and allows you to have more freedom and flexibility. Our favorite all-around option? The Medela Freestyle Flex. It’s a lightweight (less than a pound!) and small (palm-sized!) breast pump that preserves what you value most (you know, besides that precious liquid gold!): a portable, consistent and effective pumping experience.

The Freestyle Flex features double-electric, two-phase expression technology, which lets you pump more in less time, while PersonalFit Flex breast shields help draw and capture the most milk possible from every single pumping session. Best of all, you can charge your nifty, pocketable pump with a regular USB cord for ultimate on-the-go convenience—because pumping is a labor of love, but it shouldn’t have to be a dreaded exercise.

What We Love:

  • The super-light, palm-size pump fits inside a pocket or purse for ultimate on-the-go convenience

  • It offers two hours of active pumping on a single charge and can be powered up using a USB cord

  • The PersonalFit Flex breast shields help remove more milk than standard shields

  • It features a closed system with overflow protection to prevent breast milk from entering the tubing and motor

  • Sync your pump with the Medela Family app to track pumping sessions and milk supply and monitor baby’s growth

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