Best and Worst Things About Having a Newborn

Having a newborn is a (wonderfully) wild and crazy ride. Moms reveal the best—and worst—parts of those first few months with baby.
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May 8, 2017
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Don’t get us wrong: the pros of having a baby always outweight the cons. But it’s tough being a new mom. These Bump users reveal the best—and worst—part of those crazy first few months.

“The best: the constant cuddles. The worst: not knowing what’s wrong when they’re fussy.” — Erin F.

“You finally get to meet your bundle of joy! But the worst is when they’re up every three hours to  eat. It’s totally nerve-racking to make sure you hold their head right.” — Ashlene M.

“There’s a feeling of total amazement of bringing a life into the world. But there’s also the fear that I’m going to mess up somehow — the constant concern that I’m just not doing it right at all.” — Ashley S.

“The best: her! The worst:  unsolicited advice. Ugh!” — Lisa L.

“The best is the beautiful, sweet and cuddly life in your arms! The worst is sleep. But you eventually get over that!” — Gina W.

“I hate when they spit up on you 10 times in a day and you don’t have the wardrobe to change that many times because you’re still losing the  baby weight. The best is when you’re at your wit’s end, and they look right into your eyes and smile with a toothless grin.” — Charlie T.

“I love having this little miracle who’s obsessed with me. I hate having to leave her and feeling guilty.” — Robyn B.

“The best is their little smiles. The worst: Their poop stinks!” — Patricia M.

“The best is having this beautiful little man in my life. The worst is the  baby blues.” — Natalie I.

“The whole package is pretty great. Though, for me, the worst was when my mom kept hovering and was complaining that she didn’t get to hold him as much as everyone else. All I wanted was a few quiet days at home with just my man, my son and me.” — Sky T.

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“The best was seeing how he had bits of me and DH in him. The worst was having to divide time between my baby and my older son.” — Marcela K.

“I was so happy to finally meet this little person. The worst was  right after delivery  when it feels like you’ve been hit by a Mack truck and feeling like you’re damaged beyond repair (even though you’ll get better eventually!).” — Stephanie H.

“I think every single part of a newborn is awesome, from the yucky nappies to the waking you up so many times a night for a feeding. It’s part of the package, and it’s the best package anyone could ever get.” — Shae M.

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