Bumpie Tip of the Week: Backyard Pool Safety For Toddlers

ByJackie DiBella
March 2, 2017
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Happy Summer! The sun is shining, the heat is (way) up and the pool is open! How do you protect little one around the water right in your backyard? Our Bumpies on the Toddlers: 12-24 months board shared their best home pool safety tips:

“They make safety gates just for pools, so I think that would be best since it will last you for a long time until you really feel comfortable with your tot swimming, plus that way they can run around the patio!” — BabyBoyNYC*

“Attend swim classes for baby where they teach her to float on her back and yell, put a fence around the pool and add an alarm that goes off when the back-doors are opened and when the pool gate is opened (there are all sorts of safety pool alarms. There’s also a bracelet your child can wear that will alarm you when they go within 3 feet of the pool.) You can never be too safe!” — AZ12

“You can buy alarms that trigger when the water surface is broken by something of a certain size. Swim lessons and strict rules are a must. I would also lock the gate to the pool when you are not present.” — RondackHiker

“You are supposed to have three ways of keeping your child away from the pool.  A home alarm, a pool fence, and a latch that is up high.” — rosesandpeonies

“There is an automatic pool cover that can withstand 100+ pounds of weight.” — Gastro

“Add a deadbolt to the back door, or any door, way up high, so little one can’t open it and get out to the pool when you aren’t looking!” — Blondeygrl2

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“Certain swim schools will teach an infant not to swim but to save themselves (fully clothed) in the event they fall into water. Do your research, well worth the money!” — GypsyEs

“We had a pool code fence installed, dividing the yard from the pool.” — browneyedgrl4

“When we had our house alarm installed I got the one that says what door opens…for example, when you walk out the back door it beeps really loud and says"BACK DOOR” same goes for the “REAR DOOR”. Totally helps alert you if little one is trying to head out for a dip!" — nolachick

*Some names have been changed.

How do you protect your little one around backyard pools in the summer?

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