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Cool Things to Do With Baby Indoors

Hibernating this winter with baby? Don’t go stir-crazy! Here, Bumpies share fun activities to do with baby while you’re cooped up inside.

“Throw on a sing-along DVD and have a dance party!” — Sara E.

 “I let my toddler use Cheerios as pebbles to dig with his construction trucks; then my dog cleans up the mess.” — BabyJives

“We make an obstacle course of toys, pillows and anything else we can find for baby to climb over and under and play hide-and-seek.” — _Lau P. _

“Try water-bottle bowling!” —_ JustaKidatHeart_

“We made a ‘discovery bottle’ the other day. It’s a soda bottle with water, baby oil and food coloring — just glue the lid on! You can shake it around and watch what all the stuff inside does!” — PinkTulips

“I break out the building blocks, and we do lots of coloring projects.” —_ Hope_

“We chase each other around the house — my daughter likes to help with the laundry. We also like to have picnics in the living room.” —_ JoJoEspana_

“Our daughter makes a drum set out of pots and pans.” — hersheykiss

“My daughter and I exercise together with a fun DVD. It keeps the kids interested, and we get silly!” — Lauren S.

“Make things out of old cardboard boxes: a mailbox, a guitar, a pirate ship, a house or a puppet stage.” — Cari

“I try to involve my son with the chores. He loves to help, and it’s great that we can hang out and get stuff done at the same time.” — RubySoho_

“Sometimes I'll put a couple of beach towels down on the kitchen floor and fill up a couple of pots or pans with water. I give my daughter various spoons and cups, and she has a blast pouring water around. It does tend to get everything wet, so the beach towels are definitely necessary.” —_ zoecat

“My daughter loves “sledding.” She lies on a blanket while my husband pulls her around on the hardwood. She thinks it's hilarious.” — JLGY

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