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Quick, Easy Workouts for New Moms

Here’s how to make the most of a few spare minutes!

Your schedule is packed. You simply don’t have the time to exercise… case closed. Sound familiar? It’s time to drop that all-or-nothing attitude! Just a few minutes are all you’ll need. Research shows that any amount of movement will benefit your body. It’s okay to pepper mini-workouts throughout your day. So take five (or 10 or 15)!

Got 5 minutes?

Create a five-minute mix on your iPod, pull down the blinds, and dance ’til the music stops. Park your car in the far corner of the parking lot when you’re hitting the mall or a few blocks away from your office when you’re heading to work; then fast-walk the difference.

Got 10 minutes?

Find a stairwell and climb one flight (both up and down) three times, using one of the following three levels of intensity:

Beginner: Climb the steps as quickly as you can without actually running.

Intermediate: Climb them almost as quickly but while skipping every other stair.

Fitness buff: Climb them skipping two stairs (stepping on every third step). This deep lunge movement works muscles (great for buttocks and thighs) while still qualifying as cardio. Even moving slowly, you’ll be breathing hard!

Got 15 minutes?

Set your DVR to tape a few workouts (FitTV is on 24/7) so you’ll always have some at the ready. Don’t have time for the whole show? Commit to doing a quick 15 minutes.

Keep it fresh by trying different workouts. If you can’t make it to the gym, jog around the block. Mix up the activity to keep your muscles guessing — and those 15 minutes will fly by.

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