This Is How You Know It’s Time to Get a Family-Friendly Car (in GIFs)

Because baby is a driving force when it comes to finding your next car.
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By Kelley Rowland, Contributing Writer
Updated August 31, 2018
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As you count down to baby’s arrival, prepping the nursery and reading all the baby books, you’re bound to have moments of panic as you start to understand just how much your life is about to change. And not just at home—on the road too. Read on for the relatable moments when you realize it’s finally time to swap your car for a ride that’s better suited to your newest passenger.

1. When your current wheels represent a wilder (child-free) time…

2. …And there’s hardly any room for backseat passengers (let alone a car seat).

3. When you realize you can’t carry your weekly grocery haul and a baby at the same time (and could use a hands-free foot-activated trunk).

4. When your dad congratulates your (always perfect) sibling on investing in a new minivan.

5. When you read up on the latest car tech features (think: 360-degree camera, built-in vacuum and USB ports), but all your current car has going for it is a busted CD player.

6. When your circa-1999 car doesn’t even have LATCH car seat anchors.

7. When you figure out that gotta-have-it stroller on your registry will never fit in the trunk.

8. When you start car shopping and realize you really can have it all–sunshades and sunroofs included.

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