The Funniest Baby Videos

Check out the baby viral videos we love.
BySarah Yang
Apr 2019
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Photo: Jonathan Clay Harris

Toddler’s First Walk on the Ice

Falling has never looked so cute.

Emotional Baby

Grab the tissues — you’ll need 'em!

Dragon Baby

We can’t help but crack up at this baby’s Kill Bill-style martial arts skills.

Twins Dancing to Daddy’s Guitar

Just look at the glance these two exchange as daddy starts the song. They obviously have an amazing connection!

“Gangnam Style” Baby

We’ve seen a bunch of babies dancing to “Gangnam Style,” but this little one loves the Psy song so much, he won’t even eat unless it’s playing!

32 and Pregnant

This one isn’t exactly a baby video, but you’ll appreciate it. This hilarious spoof on _16 and Pregnant_pokes fun at how the problems you encounter are different when you’re pregnant in your 30s than at 16.

Growling Baby Girl

We can’t get enough of this cutie’s earnest growls!

Gettin’ Jiggy With It

This baby is apparently a big fan of Will Smith circa 1998.

Root Beer Lover

Little Noah goes crazy for root beer.

Shadow Dancing

This guy discovers his shadow for the first time and freaks out.

Lemon Head

There’s nothing like a baby’s reaction to eating lemons. Too cute!

Sleepy Baby

How adorable is this baby girl? It’s cuteness overload every time she dozes off.

Baby Laughing Hysterically

Little Micah thinks just about everything is funny, from books to laundry baskets and even celery.

Baby and Yorkie

We’re not sure who’s cuter: the dog or the baby. We’ll call it a tie.

Talking Twin Babies

This brings new meaning to the phrase “baby talk.”

Chloe Says “Bye”

There should always be cute babies greeting customers at department stores. We think it will really help the economy.

Mommy’s Nose Is Scary

Emerson’s bug-eyed reaction to his mom blowing her nose gets us every time!

Baby Dancing to Beyonce

Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy, needs to take note of this baby’s dance moves.

Deaf Baby’s Reaction to Hearing Mom’s Voice for the First Time

This one is more heartwarming than hilarious — his reaction is priceless.

Calming the Baby Beast

An oldie but goodie: This baby loves Florence + the Machine’s song “Dog Days Are Over.” We do too!

Cat Soothing Crying Baby

Warning: For cat lovers only.
updated December 12, 2012

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