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New Mama Bootcamp

Looking to drop the baby weight? From fitness tips to healthy recipes, we'll get you back on track.

Let’s be real: If you’re like most new mamas, the pregnancy weight didn’t just magically disappear the second your little bundle o’ joy arrived. So if you’re still trying to get rid of those last pesky pounds once and for all, you’re not alone. We’ll help you say sayonara to that spare tire 'round your middle, that stubborn muffin top, and yes, even those saddle bags you’ve been sporting ever since baby arrived.



Need a little butt-kicking?


> Get motivated: Learn 6 (good) reasons to exercise postbaby.
> Have fun: Read tips for switching up your boring routine.
> Don’t stress:   Try 7 calorie burners you can actually commit to.


Need a diet revamp?

Editors’ picks: Check out some of our favorite (healthy) recipes.
> Community faves: Try healthy dishes Bumpies love.
> Get more: Browse TheNest.com for more mealtime inspiration.

Want more?

> Join the convo:   Chat with other mamas on our Health & Exercise board.

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