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How Do I Cut My Baby's Hair at Home?

I don't want my son to lose his cute baby curls, but they're getting really long. How do I give him a haircut at home?

Most hair salons are accustomed to children as clients and know how to help them feel comfortable; there are even hair salons just for kids! Would you still rather cut your son’s hair yourself? Boy, you’re brave. Home haircuts can be just as tough as ones at the salon — and here, the pressure’s really on you.

Okay, here’s the secret: The key is distraction. The reason most kids don’t like getting their hair cut is purely because they’re scared of the scissors and the spray bottle. Hint: Get set up — placing newspaper under his high chair — while he’s napping. That way he won’t see the set up and he won’t be tired and cranky. Next, can he snack while you cut his hair? Watch TV? Play with a favorite toy? Have a few options ready.

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