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How Does She Do It All? Well, She Doesn’t

I came across a post by Liz over at Mom-101 about  the myth of “doing it all”, and with the demands of all the roles I play: mom, wife, employee, daughter, friend, neighbor, Girl Scout leader, football team mom, I often get the same question as Liz: “How do you do it?” If I’ve ever given the impression that I have things under control, I apologize! There is no one super mom who can handle everything with 100% thoroughness, and anyone who acts like they do (and makes the rest of us feel like crap) has a scary closet somewhere, I promise.

Here’s my liberating list of what I don’t do and what I choose to do instead:

| I DON’T | I DO | | Clean up the house every day. Or every other day. Or once a week. Just this weekend I panicked when a friend asked to go inside to use the bathroom. “Be careful in there!!!” I yelled. | Snuggle and read to the kids every night. | | Cook. I take about every kitchen shortcut possible. My favorite cookbook is called Desperation Dinners. Enough said. | Make sure we all eat together and talk about our day. | | Volunteerin the kids’ school. | Volunteer once at the beginning of the year to get the lay of the class, and I do attend most school performances. | | Wash my car (or the dog) nearly enough. | Give my dog tons of kisses every day and keep the car’s guts safely serviced. | | Wash out my humidifier or the inside of my sonic toothbrush until there’s an entire eco system growing. | Brush my teeth every day. | | Snuggle with my husband. | Tell my husband I miss him and plan a monthly date night to reconnect. | | Talk to my friends on the phone. | Text them frequently. | | Attend every doctor’s appointment. | Organize them and let my husband know when he needs to cover one. | | Offer to host play dates or sleepovers. | Know who my kids are friends with and why they like them. | | Put away my clean clothes. | Have clean clothes. | | Work out regularly. | Go for family hikes or take the kids swimming. | | Watch TV. | Spend 30 minutes a day reading. | | Wear makeup on most days. | Wash my face. | | Wrap presents nicely or remember to include gift receipts. | Remember birthdays and put thought into the presents I buy. |

I don’t do it all, but I do a whole _lot. _ And for me, I’m there for what matters most.

What things do you not do to make room for the most important stuff?

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