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Q&A: I Think I'm Pregnant...Now What?

I have this feeling that we managed to conceive... what should I do first?

So exciting! Here are the first things to do when you suspect you're expecting.

Take a Test
...together! It's just not as much fun to find out the good news if one of you is away on business or just got home from a tough day. If you have an inkling, decide together when to take the test, and leave some time to celebrate if the news is good. Many tests say to take them in the morning, but don't do it before work. (Wait until Saturday a.m. if you want to play by the rules.) How could you concentrate on a 9:30 meeting after getting the biggest news of your life?

Keep it Quiet
...for now. This is huge, exciting news — give yourselves some time to revel in your shared secret for a few days (or weeks).  Pick a time to tell the parents (best to wait until you're a few weeks along), and put together a plan. Break the news to both sets of parents with similar timing and fanfare to avoid hurt feelings. As for your friends... common knowledge says, wait until week twelve. But, (with the guidance of our real mom Nesties) we say, do it whenever the time feels right! Just make sure you're prepared for the news to spread quickly — it's tough for people to keep such exciting news to themselves!

See the Doctor
... now! Chances are, the test was correct and everything is fine... but it's still essential to see your OB/GYN. Call your doc and explain that you're expecting as soon as you know, and schedule your first appointmentfor whenever she recommends.

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