15 Hilarious Posts That Reveal What Pandemic Parenting Looks Like IRL

Life during lockdown is tough. Life during lockdown with young kids? HA! These photos speak for themselves.
ByAshlee Neuman
Deputy Editor
May 15, 2020

Any parent of young kids will tell you, there are plenty of times when you have to get creative. Whether you ran out of activity ideas or are trying to get something (anything!) accomplished with a little one underfoot, parenthood is far from easy. But when you take that reality and put it under lockdown during a global pandemic, things can get a little out of hand. Parents have been taking to Instagram to share how they’re managing to cope—and from staycations and DIY photoshoots to homeschooling and wine-fueled workouts, the results are cracking us up and giving us hope.

Tropical Escape

“When your booked vacation turns into a staycation,” this mama captioned her Instagram post. (Can we get one of those cocktails?)

Pandemic Photo Props

“Newborn photos when you’re born in a pandemic,” this mom wrote. Props don’t get any more apropos than this.

(Home)School Is In Session

“University of Motherhood & Fatherhood campus still open, closing never,” this mama captioned her Instagram post.

Quarantine Workouts

“Hope you guys are joining me at home with these incredible workouts,” this mom posted about her hilarious TikTok “exercises.”

DIY Pedicures

“Keeping our piggies clean, even though they’ll all be staying home!” this mom wrote. “Looks pretty relaxing in this shot (and it was), but no less than 60 seconds later, I was kicked out and it became a toddler hot tub!”

Image: Jordan

Rare Commodities

“Apparently he doesn’t know how precious toilet paper is right now,” this mom’s caption reads. “But no worries, no toilet paper will go unused!”

Image: So We Went

The Great Indoors

“We are grateful to be able to stay safe at home, but we miss adventures in the great outdoors while we shelter in place,” this mom posted to Instagram. “We pitched our backpacking tent yesterday in the living room, and what fun it turned out to be! We worked on puzzles, read books, and tucked all of the stuffed animals in for “night night” in our living room escape. We’ve decided for now this tent will be a permanent fixture in our living room.”

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Mom’s Solo Trip

“Where else can you go that’s close by yet near water, inexpensive yet luxurious, and casual yet exclusive?? I think of it as my in-house ‘retreat’, most call it a bathroom,” this savvy mama wrote.

Baby’s Big Milestones

“Mommy & Adalynn have to have some fun and enjoyment out of this stressful time,” this mom posted to Instagram “Still cooped up in the house thanks to COVID-19.”

WFH Realities

“How’s your home office/home school/home craziness going?” this mama’s caption reads. (Um, same.)

First Day of Homeschool

“Welcome to Mrs. Foote’s class, where you will major in Real Housewives History, with a minor in French (swearing),” this mom posted to Instagram.

Loungewear Gets an Upgrade

“It’s been a bit of a poop day,” this mom recounted on Instagram. “Whilst Matt was cooking steak this evening, I wondered what would make me feel happy and beautiful. This. This has made me happy and beam. An evening spent in the most wonderful dress, my wedding dress. I’m living my best lockdown life right now. This may become my new loungewear that I wear everyday!”

Survival Mode

“Friday mood,” this mom posted. We feel you.

Spinning Out

“Everyone enjoying the quarantine?” this mama captioned her Instagram post. Truth? That looks like a whole lot of fun.

Feeling Grateful

“Indulging in some self care starting with an entire day of pampering #quarantinebirthday” this mom posted. “I also wanted to reflect how very lucky I feel today. Lucky for my loving son and husband, lucky for my friends and family from around the world to check in, lucky to still have a job, lucky for food on my plate and a beautiful house to live in. And above all lucky for good health. Count your blessings my friends.”

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