What Are Some Tips for Taking Car Trips With My Toddler?

My husband and I have taken our toddler on short car trips, but in a few weeks, we're driving down to my parents’ house — 12 hours away! We’ll stay overnight at the halfway point, which will help, but do you have any other toddler car trip tips? That’s a really long time to keep a little girl entertained in a confined space.
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Mar 2017
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The overnight stay is smart, but you’re still going to need a lot of little breaks along the way. Plan on stopping every hour and a half for twenty minutes or so to let her run around.

When you leave is also important. Taking off first thing each morning may work better for you, but the best time for baby will be right at the start of her first nap of the day. That way, she’ll sleep through as much of the trip as possible.

Don’t forget your window shade so she has some protection from the heat and light of the sun. And, for the time when she’s awake, be prepared with toys, her favorite songs and stories, and lots of healthy-but-yummy snacks. Need a more specific packing list for traveling with tots? Find one here.

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