What Motherhood Looks Like Around the World (Infographic)

From giving birth to maternity leave, find out how different countries view what it’s like to become a mother.
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ByThe Bump Editors
May 2017
mother in hong kong park with baby girl
Photo: Tang Ming Tung / Getty Images

Giving birth is one of the most universally rewarding experiences, but not all countries around the world celebrate this milestone in the same way. While nearly every country has some form of paid leave for mothers after a baby is born, some are more progressive than others when it comes to the length of paid leave. A growing number of countries give new dads paid time off as well or the option to split parental leave with moms.

  • Sweden: Parents can share the benefit of 80 weeks of paid leave, where they receive 80 percent of their salary for the first 65 weeks and a flat rate for the remaining 15 weeks.
  • UK: Moms have a 52-week statutory maternity leave, with up to 90 percent pay for the first 39 weeks.
  • Canada: New moms can take 15 weeks maternity leave and share an additional 35 weeks parental leave with the father. The first 35 weeks are paid at 55 percent of wages.
  • Chile: 100 percent of pay for 30 weeks of parental leave
  • Australia: 18 weeks at 100 pay
  • China: 98 days at 100 percent pay

Here, a fascinating look at how everything from child birth and maternity leave to breastfeeding and baby naming is handled in the US, England, China, Egypt, South Africa and beyond.

Photo: Heather Buchma
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