When Is the Best Time to Take My Prenatal Vitamin?

You know popping those daily pills is important for your—and baby's—health, but when during the day should you take them?
BySharon Phelan, MD
Feb 2018
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When you’re housing an extra person, your body has some extra nutritional needs, and taking prenatal vitamin supplements every day is an important way to get in those essentials. But is there a best time of day to take them?

The answer is whatever time of day you’ll best remember to take it, says Sharon T. Phelan, MD. For some women, that might be in the morning. For others, it might be at bedtime, right after brushing your teeth. There’s no one time of day that’s better for absorption, so that’s not something to be concerned about.

If your prenatal vitamin consistently makes you feel nauseous, try taking it during a meal. If that doesn’t help, talk to your doctor about other options. Some women are able to substitute two over-the-counter chewable children’s vitamins in place of the big prenatal pill—just be sure you’re still getting your daily dose of folic acid. Check with your doctor first before making the switch.

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