Wow! a Firstborn Girl May Become the Most Successful Family Member​

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By Ivy Jacobson, Associate Editor, The Knot
Updated March 2, 2017
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Who run the world? Firstborn girls, according to a study from the University of Essex (and Beyonce, a firstborn girl herself). Researchers found that firstborn girls are likely to be more ambitious than their siblings, based on data taken from the British Household Study.

The survey studied 3,552 individuals and 1,503 sibling clusters to find that birth order does have an impact on academic and professional success.

The university’s data states that girls born first in their family are more likely to be  more ambitious and accomplished than their siblings, and are 13 percent more likely to try to attend graduate school than firstborn boys, no matter the number or gender of their younger siblings.

“Educational disparities exist not only between families but also within families,” lead researcher Feifei Bu writes. “It is interesting that we observe a distinct firstborn advantage in education, even though parents in modern society are more likely to be egalitarian in the way they treat their children.”

Do you believe this study? Do you think that your firstborn girl has this trait?

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