Your Baby Is 14 Weeks Old!

Baby loves cuddles and snuggles — skin-to-skin action helps her feel comforted and relaxed. She's becoming increasingly sensitive to texture, and will enjoy all sorts of different toys — soft, hard, fuzzy, rubbery, and anything else you can find. Playing with different sorts of objects also gives her practice using her hands. Now that she's learning to put them together and grab for objects, it's especially important to keep anything that she could break or choke on out of her reach.
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March 2, 2017
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Switching sides
Tummy time helps baby develop motor skills like crawling, reaching, and rolling over while strengthening the muscles in her neck, back, arms, and shoulders. Getting baby off her back also helps her skull set properly. If she fusses, try tiny increments of a few minutes each throughout the day rather than one longer stretch. It also might help to get down on the ground with her — entertain her with toys, or try lying on your back and putting her face down on top of your tummy. When bedtime rolls around, though, it’s back on the back for baby (SIDS is still a risk for babies who sleep on their tummy).


[tip]  Lay baby on a soft, warm surface, whip out some baby oil or lotion (nothing with a strong scent that may irritate baby’s skin), warm it up in your hands, and help baby de-stress with a little massage from mommy.

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