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Rachel Park

Baby Names Inspired By The 2012 Emmys

PUBLISHED ON 09/24/2012

Dreaming of your child being a famous actor or actress someday? Name your baby after the nominees and winners of last night's Emmy Awards and give them hope to someday hold one of those heavy awards themselves.

Lena (Girls)

Triple threat Lena Dunham was nominated for acting, writing and directing her new show Girls. Although she did not win any awards, the fact that the young woman was nominated for three Emmys at only 26 will definitely give your daughter the drive to achieve and work as hard as she did.

Aaron (Breaking Bad)

Aaron Paul may play a loser sidekick of a drug lord on Breaking Bad, but the actor's adorable smile and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series win completely overshadow that. The actor also tweeted "Yeah science!" after his win and who wouldn't want their son to love science?

Claire (Homeland)

Homeland was the dramatic darling of last night winning in almost all categories it was nominated for. The beautiful Claire Danes won Best Actress in a Drama for her skillful role of Carrie Mathison. Hopefully your girl won't turn out to be too dramatic, but just as talented as Ms. Danes.

Damian (Homeland)

Another win for Homeland came in the Outstanding Actor in a Drama category. The handsome Damian Lewis won for his role as a marine sergeant on the show. If your son inherits half the looks and talent of Damian, he's sure to be a star.

Julianne (Game Change)

Julianne Moore's stellar take at Sarah Palin in Game Change won her Outstanding Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie. In her uncanny portrayal of the former vice presidential candidate, Julianne proved that she could take historical characters and bring them to life with dignity.

Eric (Modern Family)

If Homeland was the dramatic darling of the evening, there is no doubt that Modern Family was the comedic one. Eric Stonestreet won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy for his hilarious turn as Cameron Tucker in one of our favorite shows.

Amy (Parks and Recreation)

Amy Poehler was nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy for Parks and Recreation. Name your daughter after this funny lady to never go a day without laughing.

Jon (Two and a Half Men)

Jon Cryer of Two and a Half Men finally won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy after having only been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in years past. Give your son similar fatherly qualities as Cryer's character Alan Harper with this simple and classic name.

Jessica (American Horror Story)

Although we don't like to think of horror when it comes to our babies, Jessica Lange's talented turn in American Horror Story earned her an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries. Ignore the horror, but celebrate the talent in your daughter by naming her after Miss Lange.

Jared (Mad Men)

Even as a lesser known character on the hit drama Mad Men, Jared Harris shined bright enough to gain an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama. His character Lane Pryce may not have the best morals and ideals, but name him after the actor to help him remember there are no small parts, only small actors.

Would you name your child after an award-winning actor or actress?