Check Out These Beach Baby Names Fit for a Summer Baby

For those daydreaming of warm, beach days with baby.
ByNehal Aggarwal
Associate Editor
Jun 2020

If you’re expecting baby soon, you might still be searching for the perfect baby name. Luckily, popular baby naming website Nameberry is here to help. They recently put out a list of beach baby names inspired by the sand, sea, nautical creatures and everything else that screams summer.

Below, their top picks for names from around the world that mean sea and ocean, natural features, wave names, weather names, ocean gods and goddess and more.

Names That Mean Sea and Ocean

  1. Darya (Persian)
  2. Delmar
  3. Hali
  4. Iluka
  5. Kai
  6. Manami (Japanese)
  7. Maren
  8. Mira (Indian)
  9. Moana (Polynesian)
  10. Murphy
  11. Oceane (French)
  12. Pelagia (Greek)
  13. Seaton (English)

Wave Names

  1. Alda (Icelandic)
  2. Bo (Mandarin)
  3. Gal (Hebrew)
  4. Malik (Greenlandic)
  5. Naia (Basque)
  6. Ondine (French)
  7. Rafferty (Irish)

Natural Features

  1. Bay
  2. Beach
  3. Cove
  4. Dune
  5. Firth
  6. Haven
  7. Laguna
  8. Reef
  9. Sandy
  10. Shore

Weather names

  1. Brisa (Spanish)
  2. Meltem (Turkish)
  3. Ravi (Indian)
  4. Soleil (French)
  5. Sunny
  6. Zephyr (Greek)

Sea Gods and Goddesses

  1. Ahti (Finnish)
  2. Anahita (Iranian)
  3. Doris (Greek)
  4. Dylan (Welsh)
  5. Netuno (Brazilian)
  6. Niamh (Irish)
  7. Sedna (Inuit)
  8. Triton (Greek)

Flora and Fauna

  1. Concha (Spanish)
  2. Coral
  3. Delphine (French)/Delfina (Spanish)
  4. Mako (Māori)
  5. Nori (Japanese)
  6. Pearl
  7. Ronan (Irish)
  8. Sereia (Portuguese)

Beach Names (Off the Map)

  1. Bronte: beach suburb of Sydney
  2. Diani: a popular beach in Kenya
  3. Dover: Dover beach is one of the closest points in England to France
  4. Ora: one of the most notable beaches in Indonesia
  5. Venice: beach neighborhood in Los Angeles.
  6. Zuma: another Los Angeles beach

Beachy Occupations

  1. Fisher
  2. Mariner
  3. Sailor

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