Mississippi Miracle: Couple Discovers They Are Both Pregnant and Due at the Same Time

“It is not lost on us how rare our experience is, and how long some families wait and try. This has deepened our gratitude for this journey into motherhood.”
ByStephanie Grassullo
Associate Editor
Oct 2018
couple pregnant at the same time
Photo: Ginny Sims Photography

One Mississippi couple wanted to grow their family and was ready, come what may, for their fertility journey to begin. Prepared for a long and grueling process, Anna and Renee McInarnay were overjoyed when the doctor told them Anna was pregnant. And then their hearts just about bursted with joy when the news was followed with, and ‘so is Renee.’

Anna shared their beutiful story with Love What Matters, recounting the amazing adventure it has been for the couple to experience pregnancy together.

And it gets better. The soon-to-be-moms are due within days of each other, which is all a part of a special plan.

“Renee and I initially wanted the girls to come on the same day per their due date, but our doctor pointed out that laboring at the same time with epidurals would keep us to our beds. We wouldn’t be able to hold each other’s hands or be active and present in our other daughters’ birth. We made the decision that having the girls have the same birthday was less important than Renee and I being able to be there to love and support each other through their births,” Anna shares on Love What Matters.

If all goes according to plan, Renee, Anna and their soon-to-be-newborn, Emma, will all be present for the birth of their second-born, Avonlea.

"We are going in to the hospital tonight to get Renee ready for birth. Hopefully, tomorrow Emma will be born. Then, we will wait to let Renee recover enough to at least be in a chair by me for my birth. Our daughter Emma will be there too to watch her sister be born! Hopefully around 36 hours later, Avonlea will be born,” she shares.

The pair knows how rare their situation is, and they will never take this blessing for granted.

“Renee and I carry in our hearts the face of every person we met in the lobby at the fertility clinic. It is not lost on us how rare our experience is and how long some families wait and try. This has deepened our gratitude for this journey into motherhood,” Anna gushes.

The two have been overwhelmed by the support from their family, friends and community. And not even the harsh comments of some could take this “miracle” away from them.

"We were surprised at the outpouring of love we received from our neighbors and community. We still get comments and some things are hard to hear, but no hate can touch this joy,” she says. “On our bad days, we feel overwhelmed at the thought of raising these little girls in a world that seems so divisive. But on most days, we remember how fortunate our experience has been. It makes this all feel like a miracle.”

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