8 Best Ovulation Tests to Find Your Fertile Days, Based on Our Testing

Want to take some of the guesswork out of trying to get pregnant? Track your hormone surges to get a better sense of when you’re ovulating with one of these ovulation predictor kits.
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When you’re trying to conceive, having a reliable and accurate ovulation test can greatly enhance your chances of success. After all, knowledge is power, and one way to up the ante on your efforts (you know, besides getting busy!) is with a little bit of education and some solid data. That can mean charting your cycle and predicting your most fertile days, or, if counting isn’t your strong suit, you could also try using an ovulation kit. These helpful ovulation tests can take the guesswork out of figuring out exactly when you should get down to business. (And you thought math wasn’t sexy!)

Want to learn how an ovulation test works, when to take one, what to do when you read the results and what to look for when buying one? We’re sharing everything you should know—and revealing the best ovulation test options for your needs, including this year’s Best of The Bump winner.

What Is an Ovulation Test?

If you’re trying to figure out when to have sex to potentially conceive, an ovulation test kit can help. How? Before we explain, let’s take a virtual trip back to middle school and recap sex-ed class, shall we? Ovulation is the once-a-month release of an egg from your ovary; it travels down the fallopian tube and is available for fertilization. According to the American Pregnancy Association, the average cycle is between 28 and 32 days (though a normal cycle can be anywhere from 24 to 38 days). Ovulation typically occurs between day 11 and day 21 of a woman’s cycle (counting from the first day of her last period).

You only ovulate for one day out of the month, but you actually have a total of six days to potentially get pregnant: five days leading up to ovulation, and the day of. That’s because sperm can live in your body for up to five days, waiting and ready to fertilize an egg once it releases on ovulation day.

So back to the question: What is an ovulation test? Simply put, it’s a strip or wand you pee on to help you narrow down that timeframe of ovulation and identify your peak fertility window each month. “There are simple test strips that are very similar to urine pregnancy tests, and there are digital tests that can evaluate the results electronically,” explains Shaun Williams, MD, a reproductive endocrinologist at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut. Regardless of whether you go low-budget or tech-savvy, each option serves the same purpose: to help you “determine the exact day of ovulation,” says Williams.

How Do Ovulation Tests Work?

Ovulation predictor kits look for luteinizing hormone (LH) in your urine. LH is produced in the pituitary gland and surges each month just before ovulation, explains Williams. “These tests are usually negative until the LH surge, and positive once ovulation occurs the very next day,” he says. So just because you get a negative result today doesn’t mean it won’t be positive tomorrow; you may need to take tests for a few consecutive days as you think you’re approaching ovulation. Since ovulation typically occurs 24 to 36 hours after a positive ovulation test, these predictor kits can help you time when you have sex for the greatest chance of getting pregnant.

What to Consider When Choosing an Ovulation Test

When choosing an ovulation kit, there are several factors to keep in mind:

  • Method of detection. Most ovulation kits detect the LH surge that precedes ovulation. There are a few methods that help predict this surge, including urine-based tests, saliva tests and digital monitors. However, there are some women for whom LH tests aren’t effective—for instance, women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) have higher LH levels and may produce a false positive, in which case a test that detects other hormones will have more accurate results.
  • Accuracy. Most ovulation kits claim to be at least 98 percent accurate when used correctly. Make sure your ovulation predictor kit meets this standard and is easy to use to eliminate inaccurate readings.
  • Ease of use. You’ll want to choose an ovulation test that provides clear instructions and is easy to use. Using one that provides simple and straightforward steps is important, since the accuracy of your results will rely on how well the instructions were followed.
  • Cost. Consider the cost of the ovulation kit, as prices can vary significantly. This holds particularly true when shopping for more sophisticated tests with digital monitors, apps and other enhancements. Women with predictable cycles can likely get away with less expensive options, while women with irregular cycles may want to opt for a testing system that offers more insight into their fertility. Determine a budget and select a kit that fits your needs within your price range while still offering accuracy, easy use and reliability.
  • Additional features. Many ovulation kits offer additional features. Things such as tracking apps, fertility monitors or multiple testing sticks can be really helpful additions during your pregnancy journey. You may want to consider some of these options to assist with your overall fertility tracking goals.

How We Tested the Ovulation Tests

To find the best ovulation tests on the market, I personally put them to the test, using each one in my home and rating them on ease of use, clarity of results, accuracy, overall experience and value for money. I shared these results with my colleagues at The Bump, and along with their research insights and area expertise, we rounded up the best ovulation tests for a whole host of particular needs.

Image: Nina Bradley

Best Ovulation Tests to Buy

For more than 10 years, The Bump has been recognizing the absolute best baby and pregnancy products on the market through The Best of The Bump awards series. Curious to see which ovulation test was named the Best of The Bump award winner this year? Keep scrolling for the overall top pick, plus a list of carefully vetted ovulation tests that are particularly good for specific needs—whether you’re looking for a user-friendly digital interface, advanced fertility tracking capabilities or straightforward and simple instructions.

Overall Best Ovulation Test

Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test
Image: Walmart

A simple-to-use design, an affordable price and easy-to-read results that offer four or more days of fertility—in our book, Clearblue’s Advanced Digital Ovulation Test is the overall best ovulation test available today, and the clear winner for this year’s Best of The Bump awards. (Head here to see all of this year’s Best of The Bump winners.)

How it works

This urine test looks for LH and another hormone, estrone-3-glucuronide (E3G). This additional hormone can help pinpoint four fertile days, while most digital tests just offer two. A flashing smiley face appears during the high fertile days leading up to ovulation and then turns into a solid smiley when you reach peak fertility.

How easy is it to use?

I found Clearblue Advanced to be extremely straightforward. Similar to a traditional pregnancy urine test, it works in a few simple steps: Just remove the test from the packaging, insert it into the test reader/holder, place the absorbent tip of the test reader into your urine stream for a few seconds and wait 5 to 10 minutes to read the results. The virtually mess-free test offers straightforward instructions that are simple to interpret, and a readout that leaves no guesswork to figure out results (hard to misinterpret a smiley face!).

Test per pack: 20 | Wait time: 10 minutes

“The Clearblue Advanced Digital Test was hands-down the best option in terms of value and ease of use.”

What We Love
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • 4-day fertility window to maximize your chances of getting pregnant
Things To Consider
  • You’ll want to watch the test wand closely during the result wait time so you don’t miss the flashing smiley face
  • Not recommended for women with PCOS

Best Ovulation Test Strips

Premom Easy@Home
Image: Premom

Easy@Home strips take the simple, straightforward collection process of a strip test, and combine it with an easy-to-download app that helps read the results and log them in an ovulation tracker. The result is the best of both worlds: a fertility experience that provides actionable advice without complicated processes. As an added bonus, this particular ovulation kit also comes with pregnancy tests to give you full-cycle insight into your fertility and one-stop shopping for conception planning.

How it works

Like many ovulation predictor kits, Easy@Home uses urine test strips to detect the LH surge that happens just before ovulation. After collecting a urine sample in a clean plastic cup or glass container, you dip the strips into the sample for 5 to 10 seconds and lay them flat for 5 to 10 minutes. If the test line is as dark or darker than the control line, the test is positive.

How easy is it to use?

The Premom Easy@Home Ovulation Strips are relatively easy to use. Once the results have appeared on the strip, the results are ready to be uploaded to the Premom app via your mobile phone camera. I found that there was a bit of a learning curve using the app, but once the photo is uploaded, the app reveals the results quickly and clearly. If you find that the app is difficult, the instruction manual also provides guidance on how to read the results manually, which I thought was a nice alternative.

Test per pack: 50 (plus 20 pregnancy tests) | Wait time: 5 to 10 minutes

“The Premom Easy@home is the best ovulation strip; the process was straightforward and accurately detected that I was having an LH surge on the testing date.”

What We Love
  • Kit includes both ovulation and pregnancy tests
  • Premom app quickly reads and tracks results
  • Affordable
Things To Consider
  • May not be the best option for women with irregular menstrual cycles
  • Uploading urine test strips to the app has a learning curve
  • Our product testing didn’t extend to the pregnancy tests

Best Digital Ovulation Test

The Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor is an innovative product. Like some other tests, the results are collected via dipping a test wand in urine, and then uploaded to a device that produces fertility tracking advice. However, instead of uploading results to an app on your phone, the Advanced Fertility Monitor system uses its own dedicated touchscreen device.

How it works

The Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor is used in tandem with ovulation testing wands (sold separately) to detect your most fertile days and track your overall cycle. This is a simple and straightforward process, in which you use strips for urine testing and then place them in the touchscreen device to be read. The monitor measures LH and E3G levels to identify your two peak fertile days, plus the one to five high-fertility days leading up to them, and stores information from your last six cycles to customize your reading. In addition to hormone levels, the device produces its reports based on information you provide regarding your period and when you’ve had sex.

How easy is it to use?

The process of collecting the urine sample is easy. You collect the sample into a clean glass or plastic cup, dip the strip into the sample and insert the wand into the digital monitor for reading and tracking. As a standalone device, the monitor provides more convenience and an easier test upload than the average mobile app, but at the tradeoff of a lengthy setup process. It’s also important to note that for the first four days after it starts, the monitor will only allow you to enter your cycle, and it only allows you to start testing within a preset window. If you miss this window, you have to wait until the next month to test, which means you can’t purchase it and start testing your ovulation days right away.

If you have time and keen attention to detail, the Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor is a great tool for tracking and monitoring your cycle. It offers clear and easy-to-understand fertility status indicators, follows your cycle closely and provides detailed reports with multiple visualization options. However, this level of detail calls for a rigorous testing calendar, which doesn’t give you full autonomy to use it when you want. For me, this meant waiting nearly a month to use it. But once the setup was complete and the actual testing process had begun, I found it to be an easy way to collect tons of information on my cycle.

Test per pack: 30 | Wait time: 5 minutes

“I like the idea of being able to follow my cycle day by day. It gives a clear picture of how my cycle works, and I learned a lot throughout the process.”

What We Love
  • Detailed and personalized insights based on your past cycles
  • The Monitor stores data from previous menstrual cycles to track your patterns and identify trends
Things To Consider
  • You can only test ovulation within the preset timeframe
  • Pricey and doesn’t include the necessary test wands (sold separately)
  • Requires 2 AA batteries to operate (not included)

Best Ovulation Tracker

Modern Fertility Ovulation Tests
Image: Walmart

The Modern Fertility Ovulation Test helps you track and learn more about your cycle. When used in tandem with the free Modern Fertility App, it can be used to generate calendars that predict your most fertile days for conception.

How it works

Modern Fertility offers a kit with 20 tests to measure your LH and has a free downloadable app to help you track your LH curve, even if your cycle is somewhat unpredictable. The test provides more precise measurements than many tests—it doesn’t just tell you if your LH is surging, it specifies whether your LH is tracking low, high or at peak concentration, so you can nail down your most fertile two-day window. The test detects your LH surge via urine sample through a simple collection process, and the results can be manually read or uploaded to an app for tracking.

How easy is it to use?

The Modern Fertility Ovulation Test is one of the easier tests on the market when it comes to taking the actual test. Like other urine sample tests, you urinate into a clean plastic cup or glass, dip the testing strip in for 10 seconds and lay the strip flat to wait for the results, which in this case were two lines. The darker the lines, the higher the fertility level. Each individually wrapped test has a chart on the back to help you read the test, or you can upload it to the Modern Fertility app to track your results and full cycle. An image of the strip can be uploaded to the app via your smartphone’s camera, although I found that a manual reading and entering of the results, while a bit trickier, provided more accurate information.

A major part of the Modern Fertility brand that’s worth noting is the Modern Community, an online community where women can connect, share stories and ask questions of fertility experts. This company really goes the extra mile when it comes to helping women understand their reproductive journey and track their cycle.

Tests per pack: 20 | Wait time: 5 minutes

“I enjoyed the app’s ovulation tracking system, which offered period tracking and LH surge tracking, along with the ability to track sex and insemination days.”

What We Love
  • Suitable for women with irregular cycles
  • The app lets you gather and track data to form a better understanding of your cycle
  • You can subscribe and save, which is a great option if you plan on monitoring your ovulation over a long period of time
Things To Consider
  • Incorrectly uploaded results may give inaccurate readings in the app
  • The app is only available to iOS users

Best Budget-Friendly Ovulation Test

Wondfo Ovulation Test Strips
Image: Walmart

Wondfo’s Fertility Combination Tests offer basic, affordable and straight-to-the-point testing. The set comes with individually wrapped ovulation and pregnancy tests so you can have a full view of your fertility while on the go at a price that can’t be beat (a little over a quarter per strip!).

How it works

Wondfo Ovulation Strips look for the LH surges that happen before ovulation. Like other tests, this option comes with paper strips that look like litmus tests (remember those from high school chemistry?). To use, you urinate into a clean container, dip one strip into the sample for five seconds, lay flat and wait five minutes and read the results, which in this case is two colored bands. If the test band is as dark as (or darker than) the control band, you’re 24 to 48 hours away from ovulation.

How easy is it to use?

Using Wondfo’s ovulation strips is as easy as it gets: Just dip the strip and wait. Five minutes later, it’s ready to read, and the included instructions make an already straightforward process even easier. Some products don’t get fancy, they just deliver results. And at less than $15 for a pack of 50, Wondfo is a great choice if you’re going to be testing across several months.

Tests per pack: 50 | Wait time: 3 to 5 minutes

“This test is a great option for basic ovulation testing and comes at a great price point, which allows you to buy as many as you need to test over and over again.”

What We Love
  • Individually wrapped tests are ideal if you think you’ll be testing a lot
  • Affordable
Things To Consider
  • No app; you have to manually interpret the results
  • May not be ideal for those with irregular cycles
  • Tests should not be read after the five minute window has elapsed

Best Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Combo

Pregmate Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips
Image: Amazon

Pregmate’s ovulation and pregnancy tests are a convenient and affordable way to help you track your ovulation and pregnancy journey, all in one fun colored package. Offered as a set, they’re easy to use and interpret, making them a great ovulation and pregnancy test combo for those trying to get pregnant.

How it works

Like other tests, Pregmate’s ovulation tests work by detecting LH surge that usually occurs 24 to 48 hours before ovulation. The pregnancy test strips work similarly, although they detect human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine. The product recommends that you start testing five days after the start of your period, and continue once a day until you get a positive result.

How easy is it to use?

Testing these strips was straightforward. You urinate into a clean glass or plastic container, dip the strip into the sample for five seconds, lay the strip flat and read the results after five minutes. The test results are easy to read: If two lines appear, and the test line is as at least as dark as the control line, ovulation is imminent. As with other strip tests, the appeal of this product is in its simplicity and straightforwardness—and in this case, its bulk. At 100 strips per pack, this is a great option for those who spend months or more trying to conceive; you’re unlikely to run out any time soon.

It’s worth noting that I couldn’t personally put the pregnancy tests through their full paces, as I’m not currently pregnant, but over 8,000 five-star reviews on Amazon indicate you’ll be in good hands with that half of the package as well.

Number of tests: 100 (plus 20 pregnancy tests) | Wait time: 5 minutes

“This is a great overall solution for anyone trying to conceive with a regular cycle.”

What We Love
  • Simple to use, with quick, easy-to-interpret results
  • Comes with both ovulation and pregnancy tests
  • QR code instructions reduce clutter
Things To Consider
  • Likely not a great choice for those with irregular cycles
  • The pregnancy tests were outside the scope of this product test

Best Ovulation Test for Multi-Hormone Tracking

Proov Complete Fertility Testing System
Image: Proov
Buying Options

Most ovulation tests look for LH, but it’s not the only way to clock fertility. The Proov Complete Fertility Testing System offers a comprehensive approach to fertility testing, producing powerful insights by tracking all four hormones that influence your menstrual cycle.

How it works

This kit includes two different kinds of test: One is for tracking LH, as well as E3G and pregnanediol glucuronide (PdG)—the marker of progesterone found in urine—while the other tracks follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which usually spikes right before an egg is released by the ovary. The kit includes three FSH tests and 17 multi-hormone tests, all of which are intended to be used on specific dates over the course of a single cycle. As you take the tests (all of which are standard urine-dip strip tests), you log the results in the Proov Insight app.

You begin testing on day five of your cycle and continue to follow the testing prompts on the app, which explains when and how to test throughout the remainder of your cycle. The FSH test is used to predict your ovarian reserve (in other words, how many eggs you have left), while the E3G and LH levels tell you the six best days to try to conceive. PdG levels are also monitored to let you know if and when you’re ready to conceive. At the end of the testing cycle, you will have a full analysis of your fertility levels.

How easy is it to use?

Proov’s Complete Fertility System sounds like it should be complicated, but the easy-to-use app walks you through every step of the tracking process. While the actual testing may get tedious (20 tests in one month!), the app makes the process a breeze to manage. And in the end, you’ll receive one of the most detailed fertility reports you can find in a home ovulation test.

Number of tests: 3 FSH and 17 multi-hormone | Wait time: 5 minutes for individual tests

“I was thoroughly impressed by the sophistication of Proov's Complete Fertility Testing System. The instructions were simple to follow and easy to track through the brand’s intuitive app. I learned more about my cycle than I could have ever imagined without having to visit a doctor’s office. This is without a doubt the best multi-hormone tracking system at its price point.”

What We Love
  • Customized ovulation tracking helps you detect up to six fertile days
  • Gives insight into ovarian reserve
  • Price is reasonable given its comprehensive workup
Things To Consider
  • This comprehensive testing system requires a high level of commitment and attention to detail
  • The testing kit is only for one cycle

Best Ovulation Test for Irregular Cycles

Mira Confirm Bundle
Image: Mira

While the science of an ovulation predictor kit is advanced, the reality is that not all women experience ovulation like clockwork—and this can make testing both useful and challenging.

Mira Confirm is the best ovulation test for women with irregular cycles and those with PCOS. It detects LH levels along with other hormones such as E3G and PdG to give full-picture insight into your fertility. This comprehensive approach—along with the flexible and adaptive app—provides you with a wealth of information about your cycle, including your fertile window, your ovulation day and your hormone levels.

How it works

The Mira Confirm Bundle comes with two kinds of tests: one to detect LH and E3G, the hormones that usually spike shortly before ovulation, and one to detect PdG, a hormone that indicates ovulation has successfully occurred. It also includes the Mira Analyzer, an in-home testing device. To use, you simply dip the test wand into a urine sample and insert it into the Mira Analyzer, which will provide you with your results in minutes. The Analyzer connects to the Mira app via Bluetooth, delivering results straight to your phone.

How easy is it to use?

The Mira Confirm Bundle is really easy to navigate. The highly sophisticated digital analyzer walks you through the entire process. After charging, you connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth and you’re ready to start testing. The ovulation tests work much like other wand tests: Use the included silicone cup to collect your urine sample and dip the tip of the wand into the sample for 15 to 20 seconds. After that, you insert the wand into the analyzer to get your results. Once the wand is inserted, the analyzer will begin a countdown and will beep to alert you when your results are ready. The results will log themselves and show up on the device’s screen and calendar. They will be clear and plain to read. It’s that simple.

There are other tests that connect with apps or devices, but I found that the clear readout and Bluetooth connection created a really simple and enjoyable fertility experience. The digital aspect takes the guesswork out of figuring out results and also guides you on what to do and when to do it. This is also what makes this product ideal for women with irregular or unpredictable cycles: You just enter the dates of your period into the app, and it adjusts its tracking according to your needs.

Number of tests: 10 LH and E3G, 10 PdG | Wait time: 16 minutes

“The Mira Confirm Bundle couldn't be easier to use. The collection process is simple, and there’s even an included silicone cup to help you catch your urine sample… Mira has essentially figured out how to package everything you need into one kit.”

What We Love
  • Easy to use
  • Provides comprehensive results
  • Great for women with PCOS and irregular cycles
Things To Consider
  • More expensive than some other ovulation test kits
  • Wait time is longer than some other tests

How We Chose the Best Ovulation Tests

To help you find the best ovulation tests on the market today, The Bump editors did extensive research to identify the best-selling, most innovative and all-around top-notch products out there, combing through user reviews, leveraging our familiarity with leading pregnancy brands and relying on our own experiences as new and expectant parents. And then I put those ovulation tests to, well, the test! I used the ovulation tests personally, and evaluated each for ease of use, clarity of result, accuracy, overall experience and value for money.

This rigorous testing was combined with The Bump’s area expertise to bestow the prestigious Best of The Bump award to the overall best ovulation test. And then we went one step further, using the testing results to identify other standout options that are particularly good for your specific needs. All this, to ensure that you find a quality product with plenty of bang for your buck that’ll prove a good fit for you and your lifestyle.

Interested in learning more about our editorial process? Read about how our team develops and reviews all articles here.

When to Take an Ovulation Test

Figuring out when to take an ovulation test can be tricky—mostly because not all women ovulate on a predictable 28-day calendar. To that end, having a basic idea of your cycle can help narrow it down. Tracking your menstrual cycle (check out our ovulation calendar!) can give you a leg up, as can monitoring for changes in cervical mucus, taking your basal temperature and looking for other subtle symptoms of ovulation.

“Ovulation tests are usually performed daily, within four to five days of ovulation. For women with a 28-day cycle, starting to test on day 10 of the cycle can predict ovulation over the next five to six days. For women with more variable cycle lengths, beginning ovulation testing on day eight of the menstrual cycle might be helpful,” says Williams. He acknowledges that if a woman’s cycle length is very long (35+ days), it becomes increasingly challenging to understand when ovulation is occurring and determine the best day to begin testing.

Once you do start testing, you’ll want to use “early morning urine,” says Robert Kiltz, MD, an ob-gyn, reproductive endocrinologist and the founder of CNY Fertility in Syracuse, New York. This helps to ensure the highest concentration of detectable LH in your urine.

How to Read Ovulation Test Results

You’ll pee directly onto most stick tests; strip tests involve dipping into a cup of urine. Either way, results are usually available in about five minutes. A control line will always appear to indicate that the test is working; if the test line appears, there is LH in your system. The darker it is, the higher the concentration. Of course, digital tests can be more user-friendly, as they give you a definitive “positive” or “negative” displayed as written text or visual icons that are not easy to confuse or interpret incorrectly.

A positive result means you’re experiencing a surge in LH and will be ovulating in the next 12 to 36 hours. To optimize your chances of conception, you‘ll want to have sex asap. “Intercourse should occur on the day of the positive ovulation test,” says Williams. Having sex on the exact day of ovulation actually has a slightly lower rate of success (since you’re not making use of the days sperm could lie in wait as you approach ovulation), but as Willaims notes, some ovulation predictor tests only provides 24 hours notice before ovulation, so you do the best you can!

The next step is the hardest: waiting to see if your efforts paid off. “Checking a home pregnancy test 12 to 14 days after ovulation should return a positive result if pregnancy has occurred,” says Williams. And if you get a negative? Well, you can start the whole process over again in about two weeks. Of course, if you have any concerns, are unable to detect a surge throughout your cycle or are experiencing trouble conceiving, consult your doctor for the next steps.

How Accurate Are Ovulation Tests?

According to Kiltz, ovulation tests are typically 95 to 99 percent accurate at detecting LH in the urine—and all the ovulation kits listed here are said to be 99 percent accurate. While that’s encouraging, they’re not the best option for every woman: “The biggest issue is that many people don’t ovulate… The other part is that so many women with PCOS happen to have higher LH levels, so they may get a false positive, thinking they’re ovulating but in fact they’re not.” Certain fertility-enhancing medications can also alter the results of an ovulation predictor kit. Furthermore, some “women ovulate regularly with a normal LH surge, but the LH concentration in the urine does not get detected,” says Williams, essentially rendering these ovulation kits useless. Speak with your doctor to determine the best ovulation test for you.

Can an Ovulation Test Detect Pregnancy?

Ovulation tests are not designed to detect pregnancy. However, pregnancy tests, which detect the presence of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in a woman’s urine or blood, are reliable for confirming pregnancy and can come in a pack alongside ovulation tests.

About the writer:

Nina Bradley is an e-commerce editor and content writer specializing in the creation of gift guides, roundups and product testing across a diverse range of verticals, including home goods, lifestyle, travel, parenting, health and grooming/beauty. Some of Nina’s most recent bylines can be found on platforms such as Bustle, Elite Daily, Inverse, Mic and SPY. In addition to her expertise in commerce writing, Nina has also worked as an entertainment writer for BDG and Wetpaint, and as a beauty editor for Jones Magazine.

Interested in becoming a product tester for The Bump? Head here to apply.

Please note: The Bump and the materials and information it contains are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical or other health advice or diagnosis and should not be used as such. You should always consult with a qualified physician or health professional about your specific circumstances.


Robert Kiltz, MD, is an ob-gyn, reproductive endocrinologist and the founder and director of CNY Fertility in Syracuse, New York. He received his medical degree at the University of California, Davis

Shaun Williams, MD, is a partner and reproductive endocrinologist at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut. He received his medical degree at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.
American Pregnancy Association, [](What(](What) is Ovulation?)

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