Celebrate Baby Safety Month With 20 Percent Off the Snoo This Week Only

In celebration of Baby Safety Month Happiest Baby is giving parents 20 percent off the smart sleeper—plus a free bodysuit pack and secure swaddle.
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September 21, 2022
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Image: Happiest Baby
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Get ready to save parents and parents-to-be! Happiest Baby is slashing prices on their cult-favorite product, the SNOO.

In celebration of Baby Safety Month, parents can shop the safe smart sleeper for 20 percent off—but that’s not all. Parents also have the option to select a later shipping date if they’re not expecting baby for another few weeks (or months). Getting to take advantage of an awesome price on a beloved baby product without sacrificing space? That’s what we call a win.

The SNOO has rave reviews, and for good reason. The smart sleeper—a 2021 Best of Baby Award winner—helps baby sleep with a combination of gentle rocking and soothing white noise, as well as safe, snug swaddling. Created by Dr. Harvey Karp, a trusted pediatrician and founder of Happiest Baby, the SNOO helps babies sleep by imitating the calming sensations they felt in the womb.

Plus, with each Snoo purchase the brand is offering a free bodysuit pack and Sleepea—Happiest Baby’s simple and secure swaddle. So what are you waiting for? Shop the SNOO for 20 percent off at Happy saving!

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