16 Weeks Pregnant

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Baby is as big as an avocado
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Key Takeaways at 16 Weeks Pregnant

  • Your uterus is expanding big time—meaning that bump might show up any day now (if it hasn’t already!).
  • Some pregnant people can feel baby move as early as 16 weeks. If this isn’t your first pregnancy, you’ll easily recognize (and more readily identify) those signature kicks, jabs and rolls. FYI, early movement is called quickening.
  • Amniocentesis is an elective test that happens between 15 and 20 weeks gestation. It can diagnose neural tube defects, chromosomal abnormalities and other genetic disorders. It’s generally considered safe, but comes with a very small increased risk of miscarriage.

Now that you’re 16 weeks pregnant, things are getting pretty exciting. You may have another prenatal visit this week, where you will get to hear baby’s heartbeat again. Even more thrilling will be feeling baby kick, which could happen starting this week, so pay attention to those subtle feelings in your 16 weeks pregnant belly. Another cool fact? Baby is starting to be able to hear your voice—and they’ll recognize it at birth—so feel free to chat baby up any chance you get.

Watch Week 16 Highlights

Baby at Week 16

Inside your 16 weeks pregnant belly, baby is listening to your voice, thanks to tiny bones forming in their ears. Your 16-week fetus is growing hair, lashes and eyebrows, and their taste buds are forming.

What is baby doing at 16 weeks? Growing! Baby develops a lot during the second trimester, and a 16-week fetus is no exception. The muscles and bones are taking shape, the liver and pancreas start working, lung tissue forms, toenails appear and legs develop. It’s a big week for baby!

How big is baby at 16 weeks pregnant?

At 16 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of an avocado, measuring 4.6 inches long and weighing in at 3.5 ounces.

16 weeks pregnant is how many months?

Sixteen weeks pregnant is four months pregnant—but remember, most doctors track your progress by week, not month.

16 week ultrasound

You’ll probably have a four-month prenatal visit around the time you’re 16 weeks pregnant. As usual, you’ll likely have a urine test; your OB will be checking your urine for signs of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. You may have a 16 weeks pregnant ultrasound at your appointment, too.

3D Views: My Baby, My Body

See their progress for yourself with our 3D interactive tool.


Pregnancy Symptoms at Week 16

More reason to celebrate: There are some 16 weeks pregnant symptoms that are actually good. For example, some moms-to-be find their hair and nails grow faster. Your hair might actually look thicker and more lustrous and your skin might look radiant, too. Woohoo! Here’s more of what you might be feeling at 16 weeks pregnant:


Your aching back is a side effect of pregnancy hormones. To ease backaches, make some time for low-impact exercise. Sit and stand up straight and regularly stretch your body.

Bigger boobs

Your breasts have probably gone up several cup sizes by now and should be completely prepped for breastfeeding by the end of the second trimester.


Getting, um, stopped up is an unfortunate result of your uterus starting to press on your intestines. Load up on fiber-rich foods and drink lots of water to keep things moving.


This is also known as #PregnancyBrain. No one knows for sure what causes pregnant women to become more forgetful. It could be biological or it could just be a result of having lots on your mind!

Dry, itchy, sensitive eyes

Blame the hormones once again! Some moms-to-be find themselves dealing with itchy, watery eyes, especially if they have allergies. You could try over-the-counter allergy medications or eye drops for dry eyes, but be sure to consult your OB before choosing one.

Glowing skin

Finally—that pregnancy glow that people are always talking about. Va va voom! Keep your skin looking its best by knowing what products to use—and what ingredients to avoid. Avoid Retin-A and salicylic acid containing products.

What should you feel at 16 weeks pregnant?

As the second trimester continues, you should be gaining more energy. Many moms-to-be enjoy glowing skin, thanks to a combination of more blood pumping through your body and hormones increasing oil production in the skin. On the flip side, you may still experience symptoms you’ve been dealing with for weeks now. Bleeding gums, leg cramps, aches and pains, skin discoloration and swelling are all common occurrences for women who are around four months pregnant.

If you’re 16 weeks pregnant with twins, your symptoms probably won’t be different than they would be for a mom carrying one baby at this point. You definitely want to keep your doctor posted on all your symptoms, though, since a twin pregnancy is considered higher risk, so your doctor will want to keep close tabs on you and your babies.

Pretty soon, you’ll start feeling baby moving around in your 16 weeks pregnant belly. At first, those moves might feel like gas or a muscle twitch, but over time, as baby gets bigger and stronger, they’ll be unmistakable. If you’re 16 weeks pregnant with twins, you won’t feel kicks any earlier than a singleton mom-to-be will, but over time, twin moms definitely feel more kicking sensations.

Of course, feeling those movements comes with other issues, like having your lungs crowded by your growing babe. That could make it seem tough to catch your breath from time to time.

Should you have a baby bump at 16 weeks?

Your bump is probably making its appearance around 16 weeks pregnant, if it hasn’t popped already. There are a few different reasons behind the size of your 16 weeks pregnant belly, which include your expanding uterus and possible bloating from excess fluid in the body. And of course, your growing baby is taking up space too!

Nothing sweeter than week 16. Around now is when that first trimester nausea has likely subsided. You may also be feeling more energetic than in the first trimester, but make sure you take it easy and get plenty of rest so you can continue to exude that beautiful pregnancy glow.

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Tips for 16 Weeks Pregnant

Here are some things to do this week.

Prevent acne breakouts

The extra oil your skin produces during pregnancy can lead to pimples, so control flare-ups with oil-free products that do the job while still being gentle enough for you and baby. Look for cleansers and treatment products with glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide and avoid retinols, but always consult with your doctor before using an acne treatment.

Make lists

Pregnancy brain can be frustrating, so get ahead of it by making to-do lists. Whether you have a digital planner or use old-fashioned paper and pen, jotting down all you have to do—and it’s probably a lot right now!—helps you keep track of everything without missing a step.

Update your bra drawer

By now your breasts have probably grown quite a bit, and suddenly the bra spillage is real. Skip the sexy lingerie section and invest in some high-quality maternity or nursing bras to best support the girls.

Find a chair with good support

If you’re working through your pregnancy sitting at a desk, it can intensify any backaches you have. Try placing a support pillow behind your lower back, or find a comfortable ergonomic chair that keeps your back straight, not hunched over.


Pregnancy Checklist at 16 Weeks Pregnant

Reminders for the week:

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