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6 Great Maternity Bras

Six picks that provide the support, comfort, sweat resistance and sex appeal you’re looking for.
Pretty and lacy

The lace detail on this Show Off Maternity Bra will make you feel like your pre-pregnancy self without sacrificing on support, since this bra provides extra where you’ll need it most (like your back, shoulders and wire-free undercup).  You can wear it postpartum too, since it doubles as a nursing bra. $58,


Seam-free and comfortable

Here’s what we love about the Essential Embrace bra made by Bravado Designs: it’s made with patent-pending Dynatex fabric (so you feel fabulous all day long) and has a four-way stretch mold to stay snug as your belly (and breasts!) grow. $50,


Workout ready

This High Impact sports bra was designed for you to work up a sweat comfortably, from day one to month nine of your pregnancy, without all that build up and irritation forming in your bra. The performance fabric absorbs moisture (so you stay dry and irritation-free!) and cushioned racerback straps twist and flex as you move, which helps reduce the pregnancy-related pressure on your back and shoulders. $45,


Fun and feminine

Remember when you looked forward to taking your bra off at the end of a long day? Well, you’ll actually want the extra comfort and support round the clock now (especially as your due date draws nearer and your boobs will feel heavier than ever). The Wrap Nursing Sleep Bra is made without wires and cups, so it fits snug against your body comfortably, and it provides light support without adding extra pressure (hallelujah!). You can even use it as a nursing bra during baby’s first weeks at home, when you’re feeding often throughout the night. $30,


Busty and beautiful

If you were busty to begin with, pregnancy might come with its own set of challenges (like fitting your even bigger boobs into a full-coverage cup), so that’s why we love the Lavender Sorbet Plus-Size Nursing Bra. It was made for a fuller-busted woman during her pregnancy and comes with a graduated six hook-and-eye extension so it fits comfortably and 100 and flatters you at every shape. $85,


Sleek and soft

Get the support of an underwire without _wires jabbing you in the ribcage. The Seamless Nursing Bra doubles as both a maternity and breastfeeding bra (so you won’t have to hit the stores after baby arrives in search of _another bra) because it has strategic inner-side slings and a T-back construction. If you’re nursing, the quick-release clasps make breastfeeding on-the-go a breeze. $50,

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