The Best Maternity Underwear for Ultimate Comfort

Looking for the best underwear for pregnancy? We’ve got you (and your backside) covered.
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August 6, 2020
pregnant woman in her bed wearing black maternity underwear
Image: Artem Varnitsin
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There’s no denying that the shape of your body changes dramatically during pregnancy. You expect your belly to grow, of course, but your hips also widen to make room for baby—which means you may find yourself in need of new underwear. Instead of simply sizing up on your favorite before-baby undies, consider purchasing some maternity underwear that’s cut just for moms-to-be. The best underwear for pregnancy tends to be stretchier and have a fuller cut, which is just what’s needed when you’re sporting a baby bump.

The good news is that pregnancy underwear comes in lots of different styles, so whether you prefer a thong or a pair of full coverage briefs, there are plenty of options. Also keep in mind that there are varying cuts available, including over-the-bump and under. Comfort is key, so try on a few different styles before stocking up. We recommend grabbing at least one or two pairs that provide full coverage, as they’ll come in handy for the early postpartum days as well. Wondering where to start? Here are some of the best maternity underwear options around.

Image: Courtesy Intimate Portal

Overall Best Maternity Underwear

Intimate Portal’s Under the Bump Maternity Panties consistently receive rave reviews. The classic crossover style of these pregnancy underwear allows plenty of room for a growing belly and is ideal for postpartum recovery, especially for moms recovering from a c-section. They’re made of cotton with a touch of spandex for maximum comfort, and the lace detailing adds an extra-feminine touch. Priced at just $28 for a pack of six, they’re a real bang for your buck.

Buy it: Intimate Portal Under the Bump Maternity Panties, starting from $28 for a set of 6,

Image: Courtesy GIFTPOCKET

Best Cotton Maternity Underwear

Among the best rated maternity underwear on Amazon, GIFTPOCKET’s Under Bump Maternity Panties have a low-waisted design that fits perfectly underneath a baby bump. They also offer plenty of coverage for your rear end as well. Sold in packs of two or more, they come in lots of attractive patterns and the lining is 100 percent cotton for maximum breathability.

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Buy it: GIFTPOCKET Under Bump Maternity Panties, starting from $12 for a set of 2,

Image: Courtesy Motherhood Maternity

Best Plus Size Maternity Underwear

Plus size moms-to-be will love Motherhood Maternity’s Fold Over Briefs that can be worn either as over belly maternity underwear or folded down to wear under your bump. The cotton and spandex blend provides enough stretch for a comfortable fit, and the cut of the briefs gives ample coverage in all the right places.

Buy it: Motherhood Maternity Plus Size Fold Over Briefs, $17 for a set of 3,

Image: Courtesy Gap

Best Maternity Thong

If you’re not prepared to let pregnancy stop you from wearing thong underwear, take heart: Gap’s Maternity Stretch Cotton Thong is cut just for expectant mamas. The low rise sits just under your baby bump, and the wider cut means a comfortable fit through the hips. Plus, the cotton and spandex blend gives these maternity thongs just the right amount of stretch as you and your baby grow.

Buy it: Gap Maternity Stretch Cotton Thong, $11,

Image: Courtesy Belevation

Best Maternity Support Underwear

Belevation’s Maternity Underwear Support Briefs are the perfect choice for expectant mamas dealing with pelvic and hip pain. Made of breathable nylon and spandex mesh, these maternity underwear comfortably stretch over your growing bump. Thanks to the built-in support panel, they provide gentle compression and lift to relieve some of the weight of your baby bump and make it easier to stand or walk for longer periods of time. Bonus: Belevation’s maternity support underwear are made with everyday comfort in mind, so you won’t feel constricted while wearing them.

Buy it: Belevation Maternity Underwear Support Briefs, $22,

Image: Courtesy NBB

Best Over Belly Maternity Underwear

For true full coverage of both your bump and your lady parts, there’s NBB Lingerie’s High Cut Maternity Brief. Made from extra-soft cotton, these maternity underwear also have a light built-in support band. The tummy section expands as your pregnancy progresses, and once baby arrives these can be worn for the postpartum healing period as well.

Buy it: NBB Lingerie High Cut Maternity Brief, $30 for a set of 4,

Image: Courtesy Kindred Bravely

Best Under Bump Maternity Underwear

Like many pairs of pregnancy underwear, the Kindred Bravely Under the Bump Maternity Underwear fit underneath a baby bump. So what makes them the best maternity underwear with an under-bump style? Moms appreciate that they’re smoothing, soft and stretchy, and that they don’t itch. Plus, they come in cost-effective packs.

Buy it: Kindred Bravely Under the Bump Maternity Underwear, $40 for a set of 5,

Image: Courtesy Seraphine

Best Seamless Maternity Underwear

Seraphine’s No VPL Maternity Panties are your solution to visible panty lines. The low-rise, crossover style of this pregnancy underwear sits comfortably under the belly but still keeps you covered in the back. Overall, they’re both sleek and soft.

Buy it: Seraphine No VPL Maternity Panties, $25 for a set of 2,

Image: Courtesy Cake Maternity

Best Sexy Maternity Underwear

There’s no reason an expectant mama can’t look and feel sexy. We like Cake Maternity’s sultry but still comfortable lace undies, including this Truffles Maternity Brief style. It has luxe lace, sheer details and you can buy it with a matching bra—score.

Buy it: Cake Maternity Truffles Lace Maternity Brief, $25,

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