21 Best Maternity Jeans to Rock Throughout Pregnancy

Whether you’re a distressed denim kind of gal or prefer classic skinnies, these are the maternity jeans you’ll practically live in throughout your pregnancy.
ByMartina Garvey
Associate Editor
February 25, 2021
Collage of maternity jean garments on pregnant models.
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Maternity jeans can be the bane of a pregnant woman’s existence. The hunt seems never-ending, the trying-on can be defeating and the entire process of buying and returning is exhausting. It’s a lot of effort, sometimes for very little reward—but that’s where we come in. We’ve done the hard work for you, finding the best maternity jeans, no matter your body type, style preference or stage of pregnancy. These are maternity jeans you won’t just tolerate for the next nine months, but truly love. You might even be sad to pack them away once baby arrives. Here, we’ve gathered up the best maternity jeans by style, cut and color.

How to Determine What Size Maternity Jeans to Buy

Comfort, quality and versatility are all important when shopping for maternity clothing, so you can get the most mileage out of your wardrobe. Maternity jeans go by the same sizing as regular jeans—they’re just built for growth, so you can start by selecting the size you wore pre-pregnancy. Keep in mind: Sizes can vary by designer, so check each brand’s sizing guidelines. Opt for a jean that’s super-soft with a nice stretch to better accommodate a changing body.

Types of Maternity Jeans

Before we get started on our list of the best maternity jeans, here’s a brief breakdown of the different styles out there. There are three main types of pregnancy jeans:

Over-the-bump jeans: Over-the-bump maternity jeans have a built-in fabric panel that covers your belly. Styles with a stretchy over-the-bump panel are a great option for moms who prefer high-waisted jeans, since they can be folded up for maximum comfort (especially late in pregnancy, when your bump is big) or down for early pregnancy and postpartum support.

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Demi-panel jeans: Demi-panel maternity jeans have an elasticated waistband that sits under your baby bump. This style provides firm support, and the waistband can easily be hidden under flowy tops.

Side-panel jeans: Side-panel maternity jeans have discreet, stretchy panels on the sides that expand with your growing body. This style looks closest to your regular jeans and works well for moms who prefer to have less pressure on their baby bump.

Where to Buy the Best Maternity Jeans

On the hunt for the perfect pair of maternity jeans? Here are our top three online stores to shop for stylish pregnancy jeans for every trimester.

H&M: If you’re looking for affordable maternity jeans that don’t skimp on style or comfort, H&M should be your first port of call. From classic skinnies to jeggings and distressed slouchy jeans, this brand has something for every style. Plus, many of H&M’s signature jeans come in petite sizes too!

HATCH: HATCH is our go-to store for quality maternity wear, especially when it comes to jeans. The jeans in this collection are made from über-soft stretch denim and come in a great range of trendy styles. This is one of the pricier brands on our list, but trust us, these jeans are so good, you’ll get a seriously great cost per wear.

Nordstrom: Nordstrom is a one-stop shop for maternity jeans. The curated collection of denim includes high-quality brands like Madewell Maternity and 1822 Denim. Whether you’re looking for boyfriend jeans or classic black skinnies, you’re bound to find a style you love at Nordstrom.

The Best Maternity Jeans Around

The best maternity jeans showcase your unique sense of style. Look for jeans that work for your stage of pregnancy and can be paired with other items in your wardrobe. Not sure where to begin? From classic black skinnies to plus-size and petite picks, we’ve selected stylish pregnancy jeans for every type of mom-to-be.

Image: Courtesy H&M

Best Maternity Skinny Jeans

If wearing a pair of skinny jeans while pregnant sounds unappealing, you probably haven’t found the right pair. Enter the MAMA Skinny Jeans by H&M, which are so well-made and comfortable, you can rock them right up until the day you deliver. The right amount of stretch makes these maternity skinny jeans comfy without sagging, the ribbed, full-panel waist actually stays up and real back pockets and belt loops make it even easier to keep the waistband in place. Two added bonuses: They come in seven colors and won’t break the bank. And FYI, H&M’s maternity jeans collection doesn’t stop here. Check out the brand’s super-skinny and skinny ankle jeans too.

Buy it: H&M MAMA Skinny Jeans, $50,

Image: Courtesy Madewell

Best Side-Panel Maternity Jeans

Side-panel maternity jeans have—you guessed it—stretchy side panels that adapt to your changing body. This style of under-belly maternity jeans is excellent if you prefer a freer bump. These distressed Madewell maternity “mom” jeans look near-identical to your regular denim, except they’re probably way comfier thanks to the adjustable elastic waistband.

Buy it: Madewell Side Panel Perfect Maternity Jeans: Adjustable Edition, $138,

Image: Courtesy HATCH

Best Maternity Boyfriend Jeans

It can be tempting to reach for your partner’s roomier jeans as your pregnancy progresses, but skip the closet theft and invest in your own pair. Opt for a comfy yet flattering look with these slim maternity boyfriend jeans, which manage to be roomy and slimming. We’re wild about the low-slung waistband that has a subtle elastic wedge for your comfort. Pair them with your favorite shirt and some sneakers for a casual but put-together look.

Buy it: HATCH The New Boyfriend Maternity Jean, $258,

Image: Courtesy Bandia

Best Adjustable Maternity Jeans

Get the most bang for your buck with these convertible maternity jeans. The light wash skinny jeans are made from stretch denim for added comfort. But the coolest feature is actually the removable bump band: The design makes it easy to unstitch whenever you’re ready to transition back to regular pants, earning this pair a place among the best maternity jeans out there.

Buy it: Bandia Maternity Ankle Grazer Skinny Jeans with Removable Band, $60,

Image: Courtesy Angel Maternity

Best Maternity Jean Skirt

The best maternity jeans aren’t all pants. Love the look of a cute jean skirt? Turn to this pretty little number by Angel Maternity. It’s got a stretchy over-the-bump waistband that can be hidden or folded down, depending on your stage of pregnancy, plus a fun frayed hemline that adds just a touch of edge. Hello, casual-cool comfort.

Buy it: Angel Maternity Over the Bump Denim Maternity Skirt, $60,

Image: Courtesy J Brand

Best White Maternity Jeans

The perfect white jeans are hard enough to find when you’re not pregnant; add a growing bump to the mix and the task can seem near-impossible. But the holy grail of white maternity jeans does exist, and it comes to you via J Brand. Their white maternity jeans manage to be both flattering and not see-through, thanks to a thick denim material that hugs in all the right places. Bonus: The near-invisible side panels give these jeans added stretch.

Buy it: J Brand Side Panel Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans in White, $188,

Image: Courtesy J Brand

Best Black Maternity Jeans

Black maternity jeans are a pregnancy wardrobe staple. They can take you from day to night, the office to dinner out, everyday life to special events. Given their versatility, it’s worth investing in a quality pair—and the best is the darker hued sibling of the J Brand white maternity jeans mentioned above. The Black Mama J’s are a top-rated favorite; their only downside is that you’ll wish you had found them sooner.

Rent it: J Brand Black Mama J Maternity Jeans, $35 for four days,; or buy it: J Brand Women’s Mama J Super Skinny Maternity Jeans in Seriously Black, $90,

Image: Courtesy PinkBlush Maternity

Best Plus-Size Maternity Jeans

PinkBlush has a killer plus-size maternity jeans selection. We love these dark-wash skinnies with fashion-forward frayed hems, but there are tons of other options where these came from. Whether you’re into any of the other latest styles, like distressed jeans and boyfriend-fit pants, or tend to stick to the basics, there’s something in their plus-size maternity jeans collection for you.

Buy it: PinkBlush Maternity Navy Blue Fray Hem Skinny Maternity Plus Jeans, $65,

Image: Courtesy Motherhood Maternity

Best Tall Maternity Jeans

Being born with a long torso and long legs may seem like a blessing, but when it comes to looking for maternity jeans, it can make things a little tricky. Over-the-bump panels often don’t stretch high enough and inseams are frequently too short, leaving the fit a hot mess. This pair of maternity jeans solve both of those problems with a 34-inch inseam and a long bump panel that’ll stay put, whether you choose to wear it over or under your baby bump. Bonus: The signature “secret fit” jeans from Motherhood Maternity are available in petite sizes too!

Buy it: Motherhood Maternity Indigo Blue Secret Fit Belly Tall Super Stretch Skinny Maternity Jeans, $45,

Image: Courtesy LOFT

Best Petite Maternity Jeans

Jeans that don’t require any alterations are a petite person’s dream—but when you’re a petite pregnant person, that dream seems more and more like a fantasy. LOFT is one of the few retailers that carry petite sizing in their maternity line, and their denim is top-notch. We love these trendy kick-flare black jeans. Our two favorite features? An over-the-bump panel that’s easily concealed under tops, and a 24-inch inseam that negates the need for any hemming. Trust us, these pants are some of the best maternity jeans for petite moms out there.

Buy it: LOFT Petite Maternity Flare Crop Jeans in Washed Black Wash, $90,

Image: Courtesy Seraphine

Best Maternity Jean Shorts

Jean shorts that are both mom- and bump-appropriate? Yep, we’ve found ‘em. These not-too-long, not-too-short denim shorts from Seraphine will keep you cool (and cute) throughout the hottest months of your pregnancy. Made from a soft stretch denim, the shorts sit just under your bump for a comfy, relaxed fit.

Buy it: Seraphine Maternity Denim Shorts, $59,

Image: Courtesy H&M

Best Distressed Maternity Jeans

Looking for edgy, distressed maternity jeans? Look no further than this pair from H&M. With stylish knee rips, a relaxed “mom” fit and a comfortable over-belly panel, this denim pair will be one you reach for again and again. Better yet, they ring up at $50, making them another pair of affordable maternity jeans.

Buy it: H&M MAMA Mom Ankle Jeans in Light Denim Blue, $50,

Image: Courtesy H&M

Best Bootcut Maternity Jeans

Finding any pair of bootcut maternity jeans can be surprisingly challenging—and locating a good pair is even more of a struggle. That’s why we’re delighted to present this stylish pair from H&M. The slim-fit jeans with flared hems and an over-belly band are a modern take on the classic bootcut style. Trust us, this effortless, everyday style is bound to become a staple of your pregnancy wardrobe.

Buy it: H&M MAMA Bootcut Jeans, $50,

Image: Courtesy Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel

Best Cheap Maternity Jeans

Not looking to spend an arm and a leg on clothes you can only wear for a few months—but also don’t want to skimp on quality? Target’s Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel jeans are the answer to your budgeting prayers. They have a designer look and feel with several washes, cuts and styles to choose from at less than $30 a pair, leaving you extra cash to spend on baby essentials—the ultimate pregnancy win-win. This pair proves that the best maternity jeans don’t have to break the bank.

Buy it: Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Crossover Panel Skinny Jeans, $30,

Image: Courtesy Good American

Best High-Waisted Maternity Jeans

Consider yourself a diehard fan of high-waisted jeans? This pregnancy pair lets you get the look without bothering your bump. From the back, they resemble your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans. And thanks to subtle side-panels, they look great in the front too—even with your top tucked in. Oh, and these maternity jeans are available in size 00 to 24. Fabulous!

Buy it: Good American Good Mama Side Inserts, $159,

Image: Courtesy GAP

Best Under Belly Maternity Jeans

Made from super soft premium denim, these maternity jeans are a real gem. The slim-fit, indigo wash jeans have a thin band that sits just under your baby bump. We think this versatile pair will fast become your go-to pair of pregnancy jeans.

Buy it: Maternity Soft Wear Demi Panel True Skinny Jeans, $80,

Image: Courtesy DL1961

Best Designer Maternity Jeans

There reaches a point in every pregnancy when the only comfortable pair of pants to wear is leggings—unless you own these Emma Power Legging Maternity Jeans by DL1961. Yes, they’re an investment, but the side-stretch panels extend the life of these jeans, making them work when you’re just showing, ready to pop and postpartum. Plus, the thick, legging-like material helps sculpt your legs without feeling restrictive. Based on sheer comfort alone, these designer maternity jeans are worth every penny—but throw in how awesome they make you look, and it’ll be the smartest money you’ve ever spent.

Buy it: DL1961 Women’s Maternity Emma Power Legging Jeans, $198,

Image: Courtesy 1822 Denim

Best Maternity Cropped Jeans

Cropped maternity jeans are a great option for those mamas who are pregnant in the warmer months but don’t love maternity jean shorts. These on-trend cropped jeans have a supportive belly band and a clean modern design.

Buy it: 1822 Denim Butter Crop Skinny Maternity Jeans, $59,

Image: Courtesy Bump Biddy

Best Maternity Flare Jeans

Flare jeans are making a major comeback, and Bump Biddy makes one of the trendiest maternity pairs out there. They’re fitted in all the right places without being too constricting. The dark wash and distressed detail add a modern twist to this classic retro style. Plus, the high elastic waistband will ensure a comfortable fit and gentle back support.

Buy it: Bump Biddy Maternity Zoel Flare Jeans, $64,

Image: Courtesy Seraphine

Best Organic Maternity Jeans

What’s better than soft, stretchy jeans? Soft, stretchy, organic jeans. These cotton maternity jeans boast a flattering fit and an under-bump band made of comfortable jersey, all while being more eco-friendly. No wonder pregnant celebrities flock to Seraphine for maternity clothes.

Buy it: Organic Cotton Under Bump Maternity Jeans, $72,

Image: Courtesy 7 For All Mankind

Best Wide-Leg Maternity Jeans

Last on our list of the best maternity jeans is this cute pair by 7 For All Mankind. The modern cropped wide-leg style is super versatile. Pair these jeans with a blouse for work or a relaxed tee at the weekend. Either way, expect plenty of compliments to come your way.

Buy it: 7 For All Mankind Maternity Cropped Alexa Jeans, $178,

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