Maternity Halloween Costumes
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29 Spooktacular Maternity Halloween Costumes

We’ve got maternity Halloween costume ideas that will go bump in the night and have you shrieking (with delight).

Let’s face it, when you’re pregnant, it already seems like you’re wearing a costume—there are definitely times when you don’t feel like you’re in your own skin. But who knew your belly bump could be the ultimate Halloween costume accessory? From DIY tricks to hilarious store-bought treats, we’ve scurried up a slew of ideas so moms-to-be can go belly up with pregnant Halloween costumes that are devilishly good.

Easy Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Sometimes you really can pull on a comfy shirt on and call it a night—all you need to do is take fabric paint or marker to a stretchy (preferably cotton) shirt and create whatever maternity Halloween costume strikes your fancy. A few easy maternity Halloween costumes ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

Pregnant Pumpkin Costume
When it comes to cute maternity Halloween costumes, orange is the new black. This pregnant pumpkin costume makes the most of your melon shape—and stretch marks! Draw the pumpkin on your belly with non-toxic paints, or sew one on a shirt.

Pregnant Egg Costume
No need to scramble for maternity Halloween costume ideas. This ingenious pregnancy Halloween shirt is as simple as eggs over easy: Just cut out an egg-shaped hole from a white top and wear a yolk-colored yellow top underneath it.

Magic 8 Ball Your belly is the perfect shape. When strangers ask “Is it a boy or a girl?” just tell them: “Better not tell you now.” It’s a breeze to make your own Magic 8 Ball with a white paper plate on a black dress or some cutout felt.

Pregnant “Bump Ahead!” Costume
Pregnancy can be a bumpy journey sometimes. Make a “Bump Ahead” road sign out of construction paper and stick it prominently on your belly. Use yellow or white tape to create lines on gray or black leggings to complete the highway look.

Pregnant Superhero Costumes
Moms truly are superheroes in disguise, so why not channel your inner Robin, Wonder Woman or villainous Harley Quinn with superhero maternity Halloween costumes. Dress up your partner or kids as superheroes or supervillains too, so your entire family looks like a Justice League or Comic-Con convention.

Funny Pregnant Halloween Costumes

You don’t have to go far to find the funny in pregnancy. There are absurd ideas and inspiration for Halloween costumes for pregnant women all around. The trick is to think big—maximize, not minimize.

Pregnant Wrecking Ball Costume
Some days, those crazy hormones leave you feeling like a wreck. But this pregnant Halloween costume let’s you take charge. Don’t forget to add a Barbie with a shaved head cavorting on top for the full Miley Cyrus effect.

Photo: Amy Lou

Pregnant Castaway Costume If your baby bump sometimes has you feeling like you’re carrying around a volleyball, this funny maternity Halloween costume will speak to you. Team up with your partner to recreate the Castaway duo, Chuck and his beloved ball Wilson.

Pregnant Bun-in-the-Oven Costume
Hey, good-lookin’, whatcha got cooking? For this witty DIY pregnancy costume, turn an ordinary box into an oven with plenty of tinfoil. With markers, add realistic touches, such as stove knobs, a manufacturing label, a teapot and of course a delicious bun in the oven, right over your bump.

Pregnant Kool-Aid Costume
Take advantage of your rounded belly by donning a blue shirt and turning it into a refreshing pitcher of Kool-Aid. All you need is a black fabric marker or Sharpie. Busting through a brick wall (poster board) optional.

Pregnant Rey Costume
It’s easy to channel your inner Rey from Star Wars. Just gather up your earth-toned garb, and (if you’re really inspired) sketch up your own l’il bb-8 on a white tee.

Cute Pregnant Halloween Costumes

You’ll up the cuddly, fuzzy quotient with these cute maternity Halloween costumes.

Pregnant Gumball Machine Costume
Hit your sweet spot with just a little glue and dozens of pom-poms for a guilt- and calorie-free way to enjoy candy on Halloween.

Pregnant Kitty and Ball of Yarn Costume This is the purrfect maternity Halloween costume for those who love cats and DIY getups. Thread yarn through a black shirt, add some kitten ears and whiskers and—voila—you’re a cute cat batting a ball of string.

Pregnant Care Bear Costume Pregnancy can make any mama-to-be feel a little grumpy. But in this Care Bear maternity Halloween costume, your grumpiness is suddenly oh-so-cute. Your bump is the perfect shape to fill out that Care Bear belly.

Pregnant Snowman Costume
Enjoy your very own snow day. Use black buttons or black felt on a white shirt and tie on (not too tight!) a bright knit scarf. Add an orange-felt carrot nose and you’re all set to chill out, Halloween style.

Pregnant “Play Ball!” Costume
Hey, sports fans! You’ll score big by turning your baby bump into a basketball, football, softball or volleyball. No air pump required.

Pregnant Kangaroo Costume It won’t be too much of a stretch to pull off this cute mama kangaroo costume—after all, you’re already carrying around your baby in a pouch. Toss on some kangaroo ears and slip in a plush baby kangaroo and you’ll have everyone awwing.

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Pregnant Harry Potter Costume It’s Harry Potter and the Golden Snitch! Appropriate, since your baby bump is the most important ball of the lot. Get your partner or kid to accompany you as The Boy Who Lived and you’ve got yourself a magical maternity Halloween costume.

Pregnant Couple Costumes for Halloween

Pair up to bring these fun maternity Halloween costumes to life. The star? Your awesome baby bump.

Pregnant Cow Costume
Talk about udderly adorable! Milk this pregnant Halloween costume idea for all it’s worth—add baby-bottle nipples and pink and black felt on a white hoodie or shirt.

Pregnant Willie Wonka and Violet Beauregarde Costume
We love an excuse to eat more chocolate. This whimsical Halloween costume pairs the candy dandy with his favorite blueberry. Roald Dahl would be proud.

Pregnant Juno Halloween Costume
Slip into your striped tee and hoodie as Juno and buddy up with your real-life Bleeker—in mustard-yellow running shorts no less.

Pregnant Prego Tomato Sauce Costume
The jar says it all. You’re preggers—and saucy to boot. Sometimes there really is truth in advertising. Glue felt mushrooms and veggies to a red sweater or sweatshirt, and don’t forget the logo for the label!

Pregnant Monsters Inc. Costume
The only thing that could make this pairing of Sully and Mike Wazowski any cuter would be the addition of a small brown-eyed girl named Boo.

Pregnant Bumble Bee Costume
“Honey, I’ve enlarged the classic baby costume—and you’re going as a beekeeper.” OK, bumble bees don’t make honey, but hey, this isn’t science class. Simply pull on a black tee and leggings, then add pipe cleaners, tape and netting.

Photo: Megan

Pregnant Dr. Seuss Costume They’re about to be your favorite storybook characters! Dress up as Thing One and Thing Two (you’re dressing up for two these days) and have your partner don a Cat in the Hat outfit to round out the look.

Pregnant Golf Course Costume This Halloween, go green—as in golf green. Your partner can go as the golfer, and you and your baby bump can pose as the putting green.

Scary Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Scare up some fun and double your trouble with these startling maternity Halloween costumes.

Pregnant Zombie Costume
Make your own (think doll parts, with little doll arms and legs sticking out, or even a doll head) or simply order one online. Buy it: $45,

Pregnant Birth of a Unicorn Costume
Get your glitter (and white tee) on and dazzle everyone with a baby unicorn busting out of your belly. It’s a magical mix of colorful and cuddly with some unexpected scary thrown in.

Pregnant Mummy Costume
This pregnant mummy look has many layers. Just make sure the gauze bindings aren’t too tight when you wrap yourself—you want to look a little unraveled. Add eyes over your belly and you’re ready to start scaring.

Pregnant Scary Clown Costume
We’re not clowning around. This It-inspired clown looks like it comes straight from the imagination of Stephen King. Don’t be surprised if no one lets you close to any small children or cribs.

Updated October 2018