The Best Pumping Bra Styles to Free Up Your Hands

Check out these comfortable and convenient hands-free options to suit your needs.
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By Emma O'Regan-Reidy, E-Commerce Editor
Updated May 20, 2024
Image: tismaja | Shutterstock
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Nursing requires a lot of energy, time, dedication and patience, and it can often feel like a full-time job. That’s why turning to a pumping bra is a time-saving solution for many breastfeeding moms. Made to support your breasts and hold pump flanges in place, a hands-free pumping bra lets you multitask while expressing milk (and without worrying about losing a single drop). In short, they can be a total game-changer.

No matter how you spend your day—at home, on the road or in the office—your time is valuable. Whether you’re looking for a pumping bra accessory that easily slips on and off over a nursing bra or one you can wear 24/7, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find the best pumping bra to suit your needs, as well as some tips for what to look for as you shop.

How We Chose the Best Pumping Bras

To support you on your nursing journey, we researched dozens of pumping bras from leading maternity brands and picked out the best on the market. This way, you don’t have to spend hours scrolling. Here are the steps that we took to create this roundup:

  • We put our staff to work, asking them to evaluate brands they’ve personally used with their families.

  • We surveyed almost 350 new and expectant moms in The Bump community for additional insight on the pros and cons of specific pumping bras.

  • We researched what was being said about pumping bras in The Bump community forums to learn what moms liked (and didn’t like) about certain brands and styles.

  • To understand how these hands-free nursing bras have worked for moms, we conducted exhaustive market research, scouring external forums and message boards and reading user reviews to find out what mothers across the country looked for in pumping bras.

  • When sourcing pumping bras, we considered several factors, including fabric, support level, breast pump compatibility, type of closure and nursing features, to name a few.

Editorial integrity is at the heart of everything we publish. Read about how The Bump develops and reviews all articles, including product reviews.

Best Pumping Bra Styles To Shop

Overall best pumping bra

Bodily’s The Do Anything Bra
Image: Amazon
Buying Options
What We Love
  • Subtle flange slits
  • Minimal design; no layers
  • Highly adjustable fit
Things To Consider
  • Not the most supportive for larger breasts
  • Fabric stains easily, according to our team
  • High price point

Designed in collaboration with a lactation consultant, this pumping bra from Bodily was created to empower women to tackle their day, and it truly lives up to its name. The stretchy OEKO TEX-certified fabric will meet your changing needs while still being supportive enough to hold your pumping parts securely in place. Highly adjustable, the bra features an extended back closure and sliders. These will allow you to tighten the fit during pumping sessions and then loosen it for the rest of your day. You’ll also appreciate how it has shoulder straps that convert to a racerback style for added support.

What makes this pumping bra truly stand out, however, is its sleek, simple style. Ashlee Neuman, content director for The Bump and mom of two, was a big fan of this. “Unlike other nursing/pumping bras that have multiple clip-down fabric layers, the Do Anything bra has only one, meaning it's way less bulky and more discreet under clothes,” she explained. Moreover, the bra’s 4-in-1 design makes it a great option for breastfeeding. Front clips allow for easy nursing access, but thanks to the clever flange slits, this pumping bra doesn’t feel bulky. “It securely held my flanges in place while I pumped and was super simple to unlatch when it was time to nurse my baby,” Neuman says. Choose from several earth-toned color options for a pump bra that will be your new go-to in no time.

Material: 76% polyamide/24% spandex | Sizes: S to 3X | Care instructions: Machine wash cold, line dry

Our community says:

"This was hands-down my favorite pumping bra, thanks to the comfortable all-day fit and sleek design." – Ashlee N., content director for The Bump and mom of two

"The Bodily bra is comfortable and soft. It’s also easy to nurse in." – Nicola, The Bump survey respondent and mom of two

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Best nursing and pumping bra

Kindred Bravely Sublime Hands-Free Pumping and Nursing Bra
Image: Kindred Bravely
What We Love
  • Moms say it’s easy to unclip
  • Comfortable enough to sleep in
  • Full coverage style
Things To Consider
  • Straps can be scratchy, according to some moms
  • A bit bulky, according to our team

Breastfeeding moms have plenty to do in the day as it is, so not having to change bras every time you want to nurse or pump is a huge plus. Enter: The Sublime Hands-Free Pumping and Nursing Bra from Kindred Bravely, a brand favored by 50 percent of our survey respondents. This style has two clip-down front layers: one that reveals flange slits to hold your pump parts in place and another that releases the fabric for easy nursing access. “This was one of my go-to pumping bras. While it was a tad bulky, the fabric was super soft and comfortable for all-day wear, and it provided fuller coverage than other bras,” says Neuman. “You can nurse in it, pump in it and wear it throughout the day, saving you tons of time and hassle!”

This bra has been designed for maximum support while still providing some stretch. Plus, the hook-and-eye back closure allows you to adjust the fit with ease. “This really is a comfortable bra—the fit is spot on for the sizing chart and while it’s not a sleeping bra it was comfortable enough to sleep in which is great for middle-of-the-night pumping,” Jaclyn, a Best of The Bump product tester and nursing mom, told us. What’s more, she noted that “the support, durability, and multi-functionality make this an excellent value for money.”

Material: 94% nylon/6% spandex (outer); 84% nylon/16% spandex (inner) | Sizes: S to 2X | Care instructions: Hand wash, line dry

Our product tester says:
“It is tough to find a pumping bra in a busty size that is truly supportive and multi-functional. Very happy with this and would definitely recommend it to other moms who are pumping.”

Our community says:

"I love that it is both a pumping and nursing bra. I didn't have to switch bras for either activity." – Courtney*, The Bump survey respondent and mom of three

"I love the material and design, as well as the ease of pumping and versatility of this bra." – Alia*, The Bump survey respondent and mom of three

"It's easy to use, washes well and is supportive!" – Noemi, The Bump survey respondent and mom of one

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Most versatile pumping bra

Davin & Adley Amelia Pumping & Nursing Crop Cami
Image: Davin & Adley
Buying Options
Davin & Adley|$49
What We Love
  • Supportive for all sizes, according to moms
  • Doubles as a nursing bra
  • Versatile, cami style
  • Not bulky
Things To Consider
  • Pull-over style

If all-day wear and coverage are important to you when choosing a pumping bra, look no further than this cropped cami from Davin & Adley. It’s a bit longer than a traditional bra, so it can be worn as a tank top or an undergarment, depending on your preferences. Either way, thanks to its 2-in-1 pumping- and nursing-friendly style, you can keep it on from morning until night.

This versatile cami is complete with two lightly lined layers. To pump, simply lift up the top layer to access the built-in pump liner, which has overlapped flange slits. For added support as you express, pull the top layer back over to support the flanges. Then, when it’s time to breastfeed, just pull down the neckline. The straps can be adjusted with one hand for added convenience. Another aspect that moms love about this pumping bra is how comfortable and supportive it is for a wide range of sizes. Even better, it comes in an array of neutral and fun colors, so you’re sure to find one that aligns with your personal style.

Material: 78% polyester/22% spandex (body); 80% nylon/20% spandex (lace); | Sizes: S to 3X Busty | Care instructions: Machine wash, line dry

Our community says:

"When I go back to work, a nursing/pumping bra is what I wear. I like Davin & Adley’s crop cami bra. Really comfy and multifunctional." – night_nurse, The Bump Forum member

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Best easy-access pumping bra

What We Love
  • Stays in place, according to The Bump community
  • Easy-on easy-off front zipper
  • Strapless style
Things To Consider
  • Not suitable for nursing
  • Not the most supportive for larger breasts

Pumping can be an around-the-clock job, so you’ll want a bra that’s easily accessible when it’s time to express—whether that’s when you’re super sleepy at the end of the day or in a hurry in the afternoon. This hands-free pumping bra from Simple Wishes stands out for this reason and plenty of others. Many moms love this style because of its stretchy cotton-spandex material and the front zipper. These features offer comfort and convenience, so you can zip it up and start pumping in no time.

You can count on the four-way layering support to ensure your flanges and bottles won’t budge. If needed, bra straps are included for additional support. Better yet, there’s no need to worry about size fluctuation with this one—the 11-inch adjustable back panel helps maintain an ideal fit over time. “I loved that I could find the perfect fit thanks to the adjustable Velcro band in the back—it gave me the gentle compression and flange support I needed while bumping without making me feel squished, and the front zipper made for easy on-off,” says Neuman. kel716, a member of The Bump community forums, agreed, saying: "I really like the fact that the Simple Wishes [bra] is adjustable. When mine was getting loose, I adjusted the Velcro and it's much better."

While this pump bra has a lot to offer, keep in mind that it can’t be used for nursing. As a result, it can’t be worn all day if you’re breastfeeding; you’ll need to change bras. However, Neuman says, “if you're looking for a dedicated pumping bra that offers supreme support and adjustability, this is it!”

Material: Cotton-spandex blend | Sizes: XS to L | Care instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Our community says:

"Out of all the bras I've tried, this one was best at holding my flanges securely in place and snugly against my breasts." – Ashlee N., content director for The Bump and mom of two

"I appreciate the ease of access to put on and that it stays in place while pumping." – Jess, The Bump survey respondent and mom of two

"As a working mom, I like that you can just unzip it and put it on over your nursing bra. […] I don't have any problems with the Simple Wishes bra, and I just wash it on the weekends, so I think you'd only need one." – firefly, The Bump forum member

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Best affordable pumping bra

Momcozy Hands-Free Nursing & Pumping Bra
Image: Amazon
What We Love
  • Easy to use, according to The Bump community
  • Doubles as a nursing bra
  • Comfortable enough to sleep in
  • Affordable price point
Things To Consider
  • Some moms say it’s not flattering under clothes

Some of the best pumping bra styles are simple and minimal while still being able to get the job done. Take the Momcozy Hands-Free Nursing & Pumping Bra, for example, the most affordable option in our roundup. The versatile design looks like a standard bralette, but it has a hidden layer for straightforward pumping access. The bra features a unique X structure, which allows you to easily set up your flanges while also keeping them firmly in place. This way, you can truly go hands-free without worrying about them moving during your session.

Moreover, this pumping bra can also be worn for breastfeeding, thanks to its clip-down nursing straps. So, if you’re looking for a basic bra that you can wear all day, this is sure to check all of the boxes on your list. You’ll also appreciate the super comfortable cotton style, which can be worn for sleeping as well. For a better fit, a bra extender is included. This pump bra is available in several neutral color options, so you can easily add it to your rotation. Best of all, this budget-friendly option won’t break the bank.

Material: 93% cotton/7% spandex | Sizes: S to XXL | Care instructions: Hand wash

Our community says:

"I love the ease of use, especially when pumping and then nursing." – Ephrita, The Bump survey respondent and mom of two

"It holds my pumps in place well and frees my hands for other tasks." – Nia*, The Bump survey respondent and mom of one

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Best pumping bra accessory

Bravado Designs Clip and Pump Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory
Image: Target
What We Love
  • Easy breast shield insertion and removal
  • Turns any nursing bra into a pump bra
  • Discreet style
Things To Consider
  • Has to be worn with a nursing bra
  • Runs small, according to some moms
  • Small openings

If you’ve already stocked up on nursing bras and don’t want to break the bank on separate styles for pumping, this is the option for you. Bravado Designs calls this a “hands-free nursing bra accessory”; it isn't a bra that can be worn by itself but is rather a clip-on design that can be attached to your go-to nursing bra. It features figure 8-style openings for straightforward breast shield insertion and to prevent spilled milk. These slits are reinforced with elastic to keep your bottles upright for optimal suction. What’s more, you’ll appreciate the breathable, comfortable fabric that’s ultra-stretchy and pill-resistant.

Whether you’re at home, at the office, traveling or anywhere in between, this pumping bra accessory securely attaches to your undergarment. This way, you can easily and discreetly express yourself without removing or undressing—convenience at its finest. This innovative accessory even allows you to pump on one side and breastfeed on the other. We’re obsessed, and so is The Bump community! britvahok, a member of The Bump forums, says: "I highly recommend the Bravado hands-free nursing bra. You can clip it on any nursing bra; it doesn't have to be a Bravado. I kept it packed in my work pumping bag." So, if you’re a mom who’s often on the go or who works outside of the house, this accessory is definitely a must-have.

Material: 49% organic cotton/32% Tencel modal/19% spandex | Sizes: S to XL | Care instructions: Machine wash, line dry

Our community says:

"Great pumping bra and great coverage." – Elena, The Bump survey respondent and mom of one

"You have to [wear] a nursing bra with it, but a pro is that you don’t have to take off your nursing bra to pump." – greenbean-2, The Bump forum member

"I highly recommend the Bravado hands-free nursing bra. You can clip it on any nursing bra; it doesn't have to be a Bravado. I kept it packed in my work pumping bag." – britvahok, The Bump forum member

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Best pumping bra for sensitive skin

The Larken X Bra
Image: Larken
What We Love
  • Buttery-soft material
  • Minimal, cropped tank top style
  • Works as a nursing and sleep bra
Things To Consider
  • Some moms say it could be more supportive

If you’re experiencing sensitive skin while breastfeeding and pumping, a comfortable bra can really make all the difference. That’s why the Larken X Bra earned a spot in our roundup. Designed with premium comfort in mind, it’s made from a lightweight, buttery-soft blend of polyester and spandex. You can expect it to be smooth and gentle against sore skin while also being stretchy enough to meet your changing needs. To streamline your pumping sessions (and for even more comfort), this relaxed yet supportive bra is free from the usual openings, zippers and clips. It’s so comfortable you may want to wear it 24/7!

The Larken X Bra is more like a cropped tank top than a bra, making it a versatile option for moms who want something subtle and that they can wear by itself or as an undergarment. To pump, just pull the top layer down and then pull the inner layer up, positioning the flange between both so that it’s over your nipple. Repeat this on the other side, and you’re good to go. When you need to nurse, simply pull both layers up or down for simple access in seconds. If you’re a big fan of modern, multifunctional styles that emphasize comfort, this is the pumping bra for you.

Material: 90% polyester/10% spandex | Sizes: XS to XXL | Care instructions: Machine wash, tumble dry

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Best cooling pumping bra

Ingrid + Isabel Cooling Nursing + Pumping Bra
Image: Ingrid + Isabel
What We Love
  • Built-in cooling materials
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Clip-down cups
Things To Consider
  • Moms say it could be more supportive

Hot flashes are a common, unwelcome postpartum side effect. One potential solution is a cooling pumping bra to avoid discomfort when expressing in the middle of the night—just like this option from Ingrid + Isabel. The simple style is made with a technical nylon fabric that’s been infused with minerals for a natural cooling effect. This way, you can expect it to lower your body temperature when you’re flushed—plus, it will wick away moisture and dry fast to keep you comfortable. Other functional features this pumping bra has to offer include dropdown cups and openings for your pump flanges. Better yet, it can also be used for breastfeeding—how versatile!

Material: 66% cooling nylon/27% nylon/7% spandex | Sizes: S to XL | Care instructions: Hand wash cold, line dry

Our community says:

"I like that [Ingrid + Isabel's] clothing accommodates different phases of pregnancy, so that when I grow, the clothes fit me throughout." – Allie, The Bump survey respondent and an expectant mom

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*Note: Some names have been changed due to privacy requests.

What To Look For in a Pumping Bra

Like other intimates, hands-free pumping bras are not always one-size-fits-all. You’ll want one that offers the correct amount of support, comfort and versatility—plus, you’ll want it to be cute, of course. When shopping, look for certain features that can help you find the best pumping bra for you. Here are a few to keep in mind as you browse:

  • Level of support. Breast size and fullness increase when you’re lactating, so it’s doubly important to find a pumping bra that offers comfortable support. Our survey shows that 30 percent of moms in The Bump community considered this one of the most important factors when choosing a pump bra.

  • Proper fit. Next, make sure your pumping bra has a proper flange seal so it stays put and your suction power stays high. Look for adjustable styles that can adapt to your changing needs throughout the fourth trimester. This will also help it stay in place throughout the day—a feature that 23 percent of our survey respondents looked for in a pumping bra.

  • Pump compatibility. You’ll want your hands-free pumping bra to be compatible with your breast pump, of course. According to our survey, 73 percent of moms opted for a bra that was easy to use with a pump, while 57 percent also cited breast pump compatibility as an important factor. With that in mind, choose a design that has openings and closures to fit your specific breast pump and all of its accessories.

  • Nursing access. Some of the best pumping bras are those that can be used for breastfeeding and hands-free pumping. That way, you won’t have to worry about changing for either activity throughout the day. All in all, 43 percent of our survey respondents looked for a pumping bra that could be clipped or pulled down for easy nursing access.

  • Materials. You’ll spend a lot of time in your pumping bra, so fabric is also an important consideration. In fact, 63 percent of our survey respondents told us that comfort was a top priority for them in a pump bra. When shopping, opt for breathable, stretchy materials that are soft yet durable. What’s more, 37 percent of survey respondents also told us that they looked for a fabric that’s easy to clean.

When To Buy a Pumping Bra

If you’ve already purchased a few maternity and nursing bras, you may be wondering when the right time is to buy a pumping bra. Our survey showed that 45 percent of respondents bought a pump bra 0 to 3 months after giving birth, while 17 percent did so in the second trimester of pregnancy. In short, it’s totally up to you and how much you anticipate your breast size changing post-pregnancy. To help streamline your decision-making, consider what moms from The Bump community told us about when they bought a hands-free pumping bra:

Image: The Bump

About the writer:

Emma O’Regan-Reidy is an editor at The Bump. She specializes in writing e-commerce content about the latest and greatest in pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting. Emma has researched an array of topics, from prenatal vitamins and postpartum pads to the best non-WiFi baby monitors, hands-free breast pumps and everything in between. With over a four-year career in digital media, Emma aims to create engaging, helpful articles that inform new and seasoned parents alike.


The Bump March 2024 Survey. Editors conducted a survey of almost 350 parents from The Bump community, and asked what brand and style of pumping bras they’ve used and what they liked and disliked about them.

Learn how we keep our content accurate and up-to-date by reading our medical review and editorial process.

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