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Best Gifts for a Three-Year-Old

Your toddler gets more amazing by the minute! So what type of gift do you get for a kid who’s learning about her thoughts and emotions — and building a pretty awesome imagination? We rounded up the top picks she’ll love to play with.

Best for Cold Weather

It’s going to be a long winter (bummer!), so bundle up and get outside for some serious fun. With these Walrooz connectable sleds, you can push each other around and slide down every big hill you see — and you can even link them together for a train of sledders! $6, Giggle.com




Best Word-Builder

Kids say the darndest things, don’t they? So why not keep track of all her hilarious new words on the fridge! The magnets mean you can play with them anywhere — and she’ll get a head start on becoming a master speller. $7, ToysRUs.com



Best Set of Wheels

This two-way ride means your tot can peddle on her own or be pushed when her little legs get tired (it happens!). The safety-inspired design means she’ll learn to be comfortable on a tricycle without worrying about toppling over. $70, Target.com



Best Interactive Book

Lions and tigers and peacocks, oh my! This animal-inspired book is the ultimate hands-on learning experience for your toddler. Using a multisensory approach, he’ll touch-and-feel tails from all kinds of animals, from the feathery to the scaly — and (most importantly) have fun! $12, Amazon.com


Best Indoor Game

Okay, seriously, who doesn’t love to bowl over monsters? (Hint: no one!) But she won’t just be having fun knocking over these furry pins, she’ll be learning how to aim and control her strength too. $24, Diapers.com



Best Classic

It’s traditional but totally timeless, which is why we can’t picture any kid growing up without Play-Doh. Non-toxic, self-hardening and kid-friendly, if there ever was a staple kids toy, this would be it! Plus, it’s fun for grown-ups too! $15, Target.com



Best Play Station

With five sides of to choose from (flip-and-match animal game, peek-a-boo circles, spinning gears and a bead and tracking maze), the fun on this activity station is pretty endless. It’s kid-appropriate and totally cool, so you don’t ever have to worry about hearing the words “But there’s nothing to play with!” $60, ToysRUs.com



Best Musical Set

Remember the days when your tot loved to sing and dance in her crib? Now your little rocker is ready to make her own music. You can duet on your favorite tunes or clap while she strums along. $20, Target.com



Best Critical-Thinking Puzzle

With 27 bright and colorful vehicles, your tot is going to have a noisy time trying to put this traffic jam back together — but when she’s finished, she’ll be so proud of the work she’s done (and you will be too!). $10, Diapers.com



Best Finger-Painting Set

Clear your schedules because you’re about to get your fingers (and toes!) messy. He’ll dig the gooey, slimy sensation the paint gives — and he’ll learn to control his fingers to create masterpiece after masterpiece. Your little Picasso will love painting at home (just make sure you’ve got plenty of room to hang up the art!). $15, buybuyBABY.com

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