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25 Cool Subscription Boxes for Kids and Babies

Don’t have time to hand-pick baby toys and kids’ clothes? Good news—these best-of subscription boxes will do it for you!

Subscription boxes are awesome. After all, who doesn’t love to get a package in the mail? And more important, who has time to shop in person? But there are so many baby subscription boxes and subscription boxes for kids out there that it can be kind of overwhelming to figure out which is right for your family. With that in mind, we sorted through all of the options to unearth the coolest, most creative services out there. These are sure to make your kid’s day—over and over again.

Best Baby Subscription Boxes

From toys to clothes, these baby subscription boxes let you explore a range of options for your little one, without ever having to leave home.

Photo: Courtesy of Milestones

Milestones ABC

This baby subscription box service sends out quarterly boxes filled with educational toys, books and clothes for kids aged 0 through pre-K. Each item is designed to correlate to baby’s developmental milestone—with some extra clothes thrown in. Unlike with some other services, the items are your child’s to keep. Score!

Subscribe: Starter bundle, $59 every three months, Milestonesabc.com

Photo: Courtesy Mac & Mia

Mac & Mia

For parents with an appreciation for baby fashion but little time for shopping, Mac & Mia is a fantastic baby clothes subscription box. Based on the results of your style quiz, budget and child’s age, a personal stylist curates a box of chic baby clothes—from 100+ high-end labels such as Angel Dear, Andy and Evan and Egg Baby—that she thinks your family will love. Instead of paying a monthly subscription fee, you purchase the individual articles of clothing you want to keep, plus a per-box styling fee. The average price for apparel is $35 and $12 for accessories.

Subscribe: Mac & Mia, $20 styling fee plus cost of clothing you keep, Macandmia.com

Photo: Courtesy of Surprisly


Looking for good quality, eco-conscious clothes takes time, and with a little one to look after, you don’t have much of that these days. Thankfully, Surprisly is here to help, sending you a curated, monthly baby subscription box of looks for playtime, outings and sleeping, all made from natural fabrics.

Subscribe: Surprisly, $63/month for six months, Surprisly.com

Photo: Courtesy of Baby Gap

BabyGap OutfitBox

Sure, you can visit the store or shop online, but getting a baby subscription box in the mail is so much more fun! Simply provide baby’s age, gender and personal style—classic, fun or surprise me—and you’ll receive a BabyGap OutfitBox every three months containing six curated mix-and-match pieces for your little cutie.

Subscribe: BabyGap OutfitBox, $70, Babygapoutfitbox.com

Photo: Courtesy of Mom'n'Tot Box

Mom ‘n Tot Box

If you’re all about supporting small businesses, this is for you! Mom ‘n Tot Box is a monthly baby subscription box that delivers cool clothes and crafts from small businesses around the US. Every box is unique—just like baby!

Subscribe: Mom ‘n Tot Box, $50/month, Momandtotbox.com

Photo: Courtesy of Bluum Baby


Books, toys, baby gear—it’s always fun to try out new things. And Bluum makes sure you’ll love them too, by emailing you a sneak peek at the innovative items that will be included in your monthly baby box—and giving you the option to choose an alternative if the curated items don’t strike your fancy.

Subscribe: Bluum, $34/month, Bluum.com

Photo: Courtesy of Kiwi Co.

Cricket Crate

Who says learning has to be boring? Cricket Crate’s monthly baby subscription box is packed with fun, educational projects created by child development experts to promote language development, math skills and more. The best part? The company even provides tips on how to continue to use the products as your child grows.

Subscribe: Cricket Crate, $20/month, Kiwico.com

Photo: Courtesy of Hoppi Box

Hoppi Box

Babies grow so quickly—but happily, Hoppi Box is here to help you keep up. The company’s quarterly box subscription includes a curated selection of toys and books that help nurture baby’s physical, social and cognitive milestones. Get ready to brag that you’ve got the smartest kid in your Mommy group!

Subscribe: Hoppi Box, $66/quarter for the year, Hoppibox.com

Photo: Courtesy of Walmart

Walmart Baby Box

When it comes to bargain subscription boxes for babies, Walmart’s got the goods. For just $5, the retailer will send you a keepsake box with full- and sample-size products, so you can try before you buy. Plus you’ll get coupon offers tailored to you and baby. Now what will you do with all that extra cash you’ll save?

Subscribe: Walmart Baby Box, $5/box, Walmart.com

Photo: Courtesy Target

Target’s Cat & Jack Baby Outfit Box Subscription

Want to stay ahead of the curve? With Target’s Cat & Jack baby clothes subscription box, you’ll get your hands on the season’s newest fashions before anyone else; every three months their designers assemble boxes of six to seven pieces that haven’t been released yet. Bonus feature: Each season they’ll automatically send clothes in the next size up to keep pace with your growing baby.

Subscribe: Cat & Jack Baby Outfit Box Subscription, $40/quarter, Target.com

Photo: Courtesy of Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom

Most baby subscription box services pick items for you, but on top of curating items especially for you, Ecocentric Mom actually allows you to select a few products yourself that you know you’ll love. Each box has a theme, like “bathtime” and “photo ready,” with a bunch of cool items that fall into that category.

Subscribe: Ecocentric Mom Box, $33/month, Ecocentricmom.com

Photo: Courtesy of The Honest Co.

Honest Essentials Bundle

No lie: The Honest Company makes great natural products you can use all over your home—and even on baby. The Honest Essentials Bundle combines the best of both, offering a monthly delivery of basic necessities, including wipes and bath products for kids, as well as laundry detergent for washing those onesies.

Subscribe: Honest Essentials Bundle, $36/month, Honest.com

Photo: Courtesy of The Story Box

The Story Box

New children’s books come out all the time, but how do you decide which ones deserve a spot on baby’s bookshelf? The Story Box does it for you, selecting the most fun (and educational) books for your child’s age group and sending two your way each month.

Subscribe: Picture books package, $20/month, Jointhestorybox.com

Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

Even the coolest toys and books get old after a while (and we all know pint-size attention spans aren’t the longest). Keep new projects, books and clothes coming with these subscription boxes for kids.

Photo: Courtesy of Cratejoy

My First Reading Club

While you clearly want to foster your child’s reading habit, regularly buying new books can get expensive. Enter My First Reading Club. This kids subscription box service asks for your child’s age range and then ships you three hardcover books (plus—yes!—a beauty product for you) each month.

Subscribe: My First Reading Club, $10/month, Cratejoy.com

Photo: Courtesy of Bitsbox


Perfect for your little computer-science lover, Bitsbox is a subscription service that teaches coding for 6- to 12-year-olds. Each monthly kids’ box has a different skill level and features a fun app-building project for your child that actually works on your phone.

Subscribe: Basic Bitsbox, $25/month for 12 months, Bitsbox.com

Photo: Courtesy of Nurture Life

Nurture Life

Feeding your child good, wholesome food is important to you, but it can be surprisingly tough to regularly whip up quality meals with your packed schedule. Nurture Life sends you organic, ready-to-eat meals for babies, toddlers and kids every week, giving you a few nights off from cooking. The subscription boxes for kids service even allows you to pick how many meals you want, so you can load up on busy weeks.

Subscribe: Nurture Life, $35/week for eight baby meals, $47/week for five kid meals, Nurturelife.com

Photo: Courtesy of Brick Loot

Brick Loot

Lego fans have an insatiable craving for new projects, and Brick Loot is here to meet that demand. Each month, your child is sent several new Lego building activities, with even more projects arriving within a matter of weeks. Everything really is awesome!

Subscribe: Brick Loot, $27/month, Brickloot.com

Photo: Courtesy of Kifoodie


Designed with your little chef in mind, Kifoodie whipped up this monthly kids’ subscription box that includes kitchen tools, recipes, activities and treats. The only thing missing: a plan for who’s going to do the dishes.

Subscribe: Kifoodie, $10/month, kifoodie.com

Photo: Courtesy of Kiwi Co.

Koala Crate

Kids love crafts, and so does Koala Crate, a company that specializes in monthly subscription boxes for kids. They provide high-quality materials for creating two to three crafts, so you and your child can bond as you try out a few different projects together.

Subscribe: Koala Crate, $20/month, Kiwico.com

Photo: Courtesy of Bookroo


Books are naturally fun. But books wrapped in cool wrapping paper? That’s next level! Bookroo sends two to three hardcover or picture books to your child each month, perfectly packaged in gorgeous paper so he can really tear into his new read.

Subscribe: Bookroo, $18/month, Bookroo.com

Photo: Courtesy of Kidbox


Buying new clothes for your child is great, but having to schlep her to the dressing room can sometimes be a hassle. Problem solved: KidBox plays personal stylist, selecting up to seven specially curated items—many from top brands like Diesel, 7 for All Mankind and Reebok—and delivers them straight to your door. Just have your child try on the clothes when she can, and ship back what she doesn’t want within seven days.

Subscribe: KidBox, $98 per box (if you keep every item), Kidbox.com

Photo: Courtesy of Kiwi Co.

Tinker Crate

Designed for ages 9 to 16, Tinker Crate is among the subscription boxes for kids services that ships out cool experiments for your child to try every month. Each activity—from building a hydraulic claw to creating a constellation—is designed to be a STEM project (meaning, it uses science, technology, engineering and math principles) and helps your child learn while having fun.

Subscribe: Tinker Crate, $20/month, Kiwico.com

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon STEM Club

It’s no secret that Amazon is a hotbed of cool toys, including ones that are educational. The Amazon STEM Club sends toys that focus on science, technology, engineering and math—think building robots and automobiles—to help boost knowledge in 3-to-4-year-olds and prep them for preschool.

Subscribe: STEM Toy Club, $20/month, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy of Little Passports

Little Passports Science Expeditions

These little projects allow your child to solve scientific mysteries every month, right in their home “lab.” Each kit contains a new comic book and science project—ever wondered how to extract DNA from a strawberry?—to help your kid learn in a hands-on way. Genius!

Subscribe: Little Passports Science Expeditions, $22/month, Littlepassports.com

Photo: Courtesy of Green Kids Crafts

Green Kid Crafts

With Green Kid Crafts, your child receives a monthly kids’ subscription box jam-packed with eco-friendly crafts, art supplies and projects that target STEM principles. Each kit also includes a book to reinforce what your child learned.

Subscribe: Green Kid Crafts, $18/month, Greenkidcrafts.com

Updated June 2018

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