13 Best Kids' Book Subscriptions for Expanding Little Minds

Nurture a love of literature in your little one.
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Updated August 16, 2023
Image: Cratejoy
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The benefits of reading to your baby and toddler are bountiful. Reading is a wonderful way to pass the time on rainy days, relax before bedtime or just enjoy it as a fun educational activity. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that reading aloud to your child from infancy builds language skills and strengthens the bond between parents and baby. This quality time also helps nurture a lifelong love of books, as your little one grows up and learns to read on their own.

Stocking your shelves with an ever-evolving selection of fun, educational and diverse kids’ books means that parents and children will never grow tired of storytime. Of course you can fill your library with the classic childrens’ books you loved as a little one. But if you’re looking for the latest, trendiest kids’ books, why not sign up for a baby or kids’ book subscription? That way, you’ll receive new books—expertly curated for your child’s age—to read with your little one on a regular basis. The best part? Many subscriptions offer kids’ books at discounted prices, so adding to your collection won’t break the bank.

Read on to discover the best kids’ book subscription on the market right now. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for a subscription box for a baby, toddler or an older child.

Best Baby Book Subscriptions

While baby obviously won’t comprehend every word you read to them, it’s never too early to start exposing your child to books. In fact, reading aloud to baby can help them recognize new sounds, understand syntax and even help with their vocabulary in later life. To stop their nightly bedtime story from becoming a snoozefest, sign up to a baby book subscription to keep things fresh. The options listed below cater to infants and toddlers from 0 to 2-years-old.

Overall best kid’s book subscription

Bookroo Board Book Club
Image: Cratejoy

Tired of trawling the internet to find the best books for newborns and toddlers? Check out Bookroo. This baby book club has access to thousands of titles thanks to the purpose-built Bookroo platform that’s dedicated entirely to children’s books. And these books don’t skimp on quality—each story is vetted by Bookroo’s in-house team of experts as well as librarians, parents and real-life kids (of course!). Each box contains three top-notch board books, plus inserts with additional information from authors and illustrators. Better yet, the board books for this age range are all uniform in height with brightly colored spines for a “shelfie” worthy bookshelf. Bookroo has flexible payment options and subscribers can choose to have books delivered once a month or every other month. If you receive a book that’s already in your collection, give it to a friend, take a picture, send it to Bookroo and they’ll add a $5 credit to your account. Bonus: Get a whopping 50 percent off your first box with code BUMP50 on the Bookroo website.

Ages: 0 to 3 years | Frequency: Monthly | Books per bundle: 2 to 3 | Shipping fee: Included

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Best inclusive baby book subscription

Little Feminist 0-2 Year Old Book Club
Image: Little Feminist

Next up on our list of the best kids’ book subscriptions is Little Feminist. This Best of Baby award-winning subscription celebrates all voices and focuses on “stories less told.” Each month you’ll receive two board books (or one picture book) that feature diverse, LGBTQIA+ and disabled characters (to name a few!). The books are selected by a panel of educators and parents and go through a months-long vetting system to ensure that they’re age-appropriate, educational and engaging. Each package comes with a fun play idea for infants or a hands-on activity for toddlers plus a discussion card and a letter to parents that explains why the books were chosen. Choose from a range of flexible billing options and cancel anytime. While we love the baby board book options on offer, this book subscription has three other unique plans that cater to toddlers, preschoolers and big kids too—so there’s something for every member of the family.

Ages: 0 to 2 years | Frequency: Monthly | Books per bundle: 1 to 2 | Shipping fee: $3.95 per month

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Best kids’ book subscription for all reading levels

My First Reading Club
Image: Amazon

My First Reading Club creates book boxes for kids of all ages. The box for newborns and toddlers (ages 0 to 2 years old) includes three hardcover baby books, an activity book and a little gift for Mom. Each book is selected by a team of in-house experts, ensuring that each story is fun, engaging and age-appropriate. Better yet, this kids’ book subscription introduces young children to key learning concepts like colors, numbers and shapes. Once your tot is ready to move on, you can easily switch to the fledgling reader plan, which focuses on educational picture books that are perfect for preschoolers. Book boxes are shipped each month and you can choose to be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly. Bonus: Get 20 percent off your first shipment by using code BUMP20 on Cratejoy (selected subscription services only).

Ages: 0 to 2 years | Frequency: Monthly | Books per bundle: 3 or more | Shipping fee: From $3.99

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Best affordable baby book subscription

Amazon Prime Book Box Kids
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

Have you heard of the Amazon Prime book box for kids? This service introduces your little one to a mix of cherished classics and hidden gems. It’s suitable for babies aged 0 to 2 years old, and each box contains three or four top-rated board books that have been specially selected by Amazon book editors. And you can customize the subscription to suit your needs. Simply sign-up and select your preferred cadence (choose from a book delivery every one, two or three months), then review and swap the books in your next box before they’re shipped. Plus, the Amazon Prime book box offers a saving of 40 percent off list price so it’s super-affordable to boot.

Ages: 0 to 2 years | Frequency: Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly | Books per bundle: 4 | Shipping fee: Free

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Best baby book subscription for sensory stimulation

Literati Dreamer Level Box
Image: Literati
Buying Options
Literati|From $9.95

If you’re looking for a personalized baby book club, Literati may be the one for you. It’s a little different than other services on this list as you get to test out the books before purchasing your favorites. The sign-up process is easy: Simply take the quiz to input your child’s age, gender and interests and Literati will then create a custom reader profile. The Dreamer package caters to the youngest babies (newborn to 6 months and 7 to 12 months) and includes five sensory-stimulating board books with high-contrast images and textured pages. Plus, a collectible art poster, stickers and a personalized surprise. You’ll have a week to decide which titles you’d like to keep, then return the ones you don’t wan’t free of charge. Oh, and did we mention that each box has a unique theme? How cute!

Ages: 0 to 12 months | Frequency: Monthly | Books per bundle: 5 | Shipping fee: Included

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Best Toddler Book Subscriptions

While many of the options listed above serve toddlers too, we thought we’d add a few more kids’ book subscriptions to the mix. These monthly book deliveries are packed with thoughtful picture books that’ll help tots identify more objects, learn new words, explore new interests and grapple with important life lessons. The toddler book clubs below serve children up to the age of 3-years-old.

Best toddler book subscription that gives back

The Equal Opportunities Board Book Box believes that every child has a right to great-quality reading material. That’s why for every purchase made, one book is donated to Bernie’s Book Bank, an organization that supplies books to children in need. Sign up and every month your baby will receive three top-quality board books with family discussion questions. Each themed box contains stories with people of color, LGBTQIA+ characters as well as protagonists with disabilities. The board book bundle is curated for toddlers up to the age of 2, but there’s also a picture book subscription for slightly older children. Bonus: All of the packaging is made from recycled materials.

Ages: 0 to 7 years | Frequency: Monthly | Books per bundle: 3 | Shipping fee: $4.95 to $6.95

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Best toddler book subscription with craft activities

Spark your little reader’s imagination with Owl Post books. Created by an experienced educator, who handpicks every story, this service provides amazing books with affordable options to suit every type of family. Depending on the plan you pick, Owl Post will send you one to three engaging tales per month alongside a festive seasonal craft and fun theme cards. The Reader's Imagination Mini Subscription is super-affordable and includes one book plus one craft activity shipped in a colorful mailer. If you’re willing to spend a little more the Imagination Box Subscription contains three books and a craft sent in an interactive box that your kid can color in. Better yet, this kids’ book subscription doesn’t just have options for babies, but also toddlers, little kids and tweens, meaning it’ll grow with your family. Try it out for a month or sign up for a long-term subscription—the choice is yours.

Ages: 0 to 3 years | Frequency: Monthly | Books per bundle: 1 to 3 | Shipping fee: Free within the US

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Best toddler book subscription for new titles

Elephant Books: The Book Club for Kids 0-6
Image: Cratejoy
Buying Options
Cratejoy|From $21.45

If you’ve already filled your shelves with classic baby books, perhaps it’s time to try something new. Introducing Elephant Books, the toddler book subscription that’ll send you only titles published within the last three years. In every monthly box you’ll receive three board books in an exclusively-designed box. Curated by a team of experts—including teachers, authors, parents and kids—these stories are undiscovered treasures that your little bookworm will want to read again and again. There’s two age brackets to choose from: a board book box for young toddlers and a picture book bundle for kids between the ages of 2 and 6. Bonus: Elephant Books offers true value for money, saving you 30 percent off the retail list price.

Ages: 0 to 6 years | Frequency: Monthly | Books per bundle: 2 to 3 | Shipping fee: $5

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Best diverse toddler book subscription

Ourshelves Rainbow Box Subscription
Image: OurShelves

Looking for kids’ books that celebrate diversity? OurShelves’ mission is to make sure all families are represented on your bookshelf. OurShelves’ curation team includes experts in academia, child development, anti-oppression work and more, all of whom come from minority groups that have been traditionally under-represented in literature. Each month the team thoughtfully selects age-appropriate books that focus on themes of love, anti-racism, equity, inclusion, social justice and fun, of course. There’s four kid’s book subscriptions to choose from, but we highly recommend the rainbow box for 2- to 5-year-olds. It ships once every three months and includes up to three books that highlight under-represented characters and families. But they also ask that their readers share feedback about any communities that are missing and their curation team will seek them out for future children’s book boxes.

Ages: 2 to 5 years | Frequency: Quarterly | Books per bundle: 1 or 3 | Shipping fee: Free

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Best bookstore curated kids’ book subscription

Reading Bug Box
Image: Cratejoy

When you sign up for the Reading Bug Box, not only do you get some top-notch books but also themed gifts and a note filled with tips for follow-up reading and activities. Each box has three to four books handpicked by one of the booksellers at The Reading Bug, a family-owned, independent children’s bookstore located in California. The Reading Bug team go above and beyond in the hunt for great kids’ books, taking note of what children enjoy most during story-time at the store and meeting with local authors and schools to learn which themes and characters resonate at every age. Better yet, each title is selected based on your child’s age and interests. And as your child develops, so do the books! Every few months, you’ll receive a “what's new about you?” card. Fill this out and send it back to the team and they’ll personalize your bundle in-line with your kiddo’s new favorite topic. Have two kids at home? Try the sibling box that contains up to 6 books catered to kids from 0- to 13-years-old.

Ages: 0 to 13 years | Frequency: Monthly | Books per bundle: 3 to 4 | Shipping fee: N/A

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Best Bigger Kids’ Book Subscriptions

When your child begins to read on their own, it’s a joy to see them curl up with a good book. These kids’ book subscriptions will take them on new adventures every month all while improving early reading skills.

Best kids’ book subscription for literacy and language development

The Story Box
Image: The Story Box

Nurture a lifelong love of reading with this fantastic toddler book subscription. The Story Box is curated by a speech language pathologist and parents who carefully select stories that’ll help develop your toddler’s language and pre-literacy skills. This Story Box is for preschool and early elementary level kids, contains two hardcover books and a two guides for parents. The parent guide includes handy tips that’ll help you to support your child as they grow and learn, plus fun activities that relate to the books in your package. The best part? A portion of each subscription fee is used to donate books and toys to children with disabilities and low-income families.

Ages: 3 to 6 years | Frequency: Monthly | Books per bundle: 2 | Shipping fee: N/A

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Best kids’ book subscription featuring characters of color

Just Like Me! Book Box
Image: Just Like Me

Children’s books are an amazing tool for encouraging self-love and empathy, which is why representation in your little one’s books is so important. Just Like Me! Book Box was created with a mission of exposing children of color to characters, illustrations, authors and stories that are reflective of them. The team has access to thousands of African American titles, and they handpick two to three inspiring stories by award-winning authors for each book box, plus bonus book swag. Start off with the baby book box for kids up to the age of 3, then as your child begins to read independently switch to the 4- to 8-year-old book box. There’s even an option for tweens! Whatever age bracket you choose, the books will become more advanced as your kiddo grows older to keep them happy and engaged during storytime. This flexible subscription can be canceled at any time—no strings attached.

Ages: 0 to 12 years | Frequency: Monthly | Books per bundle: 2 to 3 | Shipping fee: Included

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Best illustrated kids’ book subscription

The Barefoot Book Box
Image: Barefoot Books

The Barefoot Books Box is designed around a set of core values that support parents raising caring, open-minded, global citizens who can think critically and creatively. Each box will not only help their children understand the power of storytelling, it also involves them in creative play without a screen in sight. Created by an independent children's book publisher, each month your kid will receive two to three paperback or hardcover books. Each box also includes games, puzzles or other small gifts plus a collectible artist's print featuring illustrators from around the world, as well as expert tips for fostering literacy and overall wellness. Choose from three subscription options based on your child’s age and reading level.

Ages: 3 to 5 years | Frequency: Monthly | Books per bundle: 2 to 3 | Shipping fee: Included

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How We Chose the Best Kids’ Book Subscriptions

Reading should be a part of your child’s life from infancy through to their teen years, but it can feel overwhelming figuring out just which books are best. Kids’ book subscriptions are a great place to start, and we’ve narrowed down the best one available on the market today so you don’t have to.

When choosing the best book subscription for kids, we considered the age range, overall cost and shipping fees, how they select the books, how often they come and any bonus book swag included. We also made sure to read user reviews to see what real consumers have experienced when signing up for these subscriptions, and didn’t consider anything with less than an average four-star rating.

Interested in learning more about our editorial process? Read about how our team develops and reviews all articles here.

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