12 Best Pregnancy Subscription Boxes to Pamper Moms-to-Be

Pregnancy-safe goodies that show up at your door? Yes, please! Here are the top subscription boxes for pregnancy you’re going to want to sign up for, stat.
ByChristin Perry
Aug 2020
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When you’re busy growing a human, you deserve all the pampering, whether it’s organic self-care products, symptom soothers or tasty treats. And if they happen to show up at your doorstep without you having to waddle to the store or remember to add to your Amazon shopping cart (hello, pregnancy brain), even better. Which is why we’re huge fans of the subscription box for pregnancy.

A pregnancy subscription box is full of pregnancy-related goodies, delivered to your home either on a monthly basis or once a trimester. From morning sickness tea to luxurious bath salts and creamy body butter, you’re sure to find something you love when you subscribe to a monthly pregnancy box. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best pregnancy subscription box options out there to help you find one you’ll look forward to receiving.

Photo: Courtesy Bump Boxes

Bump Boxes

One of the better known pregnancy subscription boxes is Bump Boxes, and for good reason. Each box is packed with five to eight full-size (instead of sample-size) products tailored to your stage of pregnancy. First trimester morning sickness got you down? Ease that troubled tummy with Preggie Pops and organic ginger tea. And when your tired feet just. can’t. even. late in the third trimester, your Bump Box is at the rescue with some soothing foot soak. BumpBox offers month-to-month as well as six-, nine- and 12-month subscriptions so you can choose to give it a try for part of your pregnancy all the way up to the first few months of baby’s life. (Because mamas need some TLC after birth too!) Fast shipping and hassle-free cancellations round out the benefits of this amazing subscription box for pregnancy.

Subscribe: from $32/month, BumpBoxes.com

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Photo: Courtesy Eco-Centric Mom

EcoCentric Mom

There’s no better time than during pregnancy to level up your health and beauty routines. Knowing that, the folks over at Ecocentric Mom have created a pregnancy subscription box that contains carefully selected eco-friendly and organic products. The items all hail from a small business and are targeted to your trimester (and beyond!) and even baby’s gender, if you choose to disclose it. And with amazing products like Aden + Anais swaddle blankets, portable organic coconut oil, bath salts and Bellybands, you can’t go wrong when you sign up for an Ecocentric Mom box.

Subscribe: from $32/month, EcoCentricMom.com

Photo: Courtesy Stork Bag

Stork Bag

The Stork Bag does indeed comes in a bag, not a box—but that’s okay, because it’s still full of pregnancy favorites that arrive at your door as you move into the next trimester of pregnancy. You’ll not only find pregnancy essentials like belly butter, red raspberry leaf tea and lactation cookies, but also a few cool things you probably didn’t know you were dying to have, like a belly casting kit. (Why not, right?) With The Stork Bag, you can choose to pre-pay for a subscription or opt to pay every three months, and can decide to order a bag for each trimester (in which case you get a bonus postpartum bag!) or just the last two.

Subscribe: from $40/month, TheStorkBag.com

Photo: Courtesy Mama Bird Box

Mama Bird Box

Here’s one of the best pregnancy subscription box picks for the modern mama who appreciates top-quality items. This subscription box for pregnancy contains four to six organic wellness and beauty essentials for pregnancy, like prenatal vitamins, belly butter, a rejuvenating mud mask and natural makeup. It’s all carefully selected to be safe for pregnancy and beyond. Plus, every box and its contents is aesthetically styled to fit your modern lifestyle.

Subscribe: from $29/month, MamaBirdBox.com

Photo: Courtesy Oh Baby

Oh Baby Boxes

When you opt for an Oh Baby pregnancy subscription box, you’ll receive between six and eight full-size self-care and maternity essentials curated specifically for your stage of pregnancy, from teas, pregnancy supplements and belly creams to bath salts, candles, a pregnancy journal and more. There’s more than $100 worth of goodies in each box—and you can feel confident using them all, since Oh Baby only selects top-quality natural and organic products. Subscription options include month to month or 3- or 6-month subscriptions.

Subscribe: from $36, OhBabyBoxes.com

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9 To Nest

There’s a lot to love about the 9 to Nest pregnancy subscription box. Each one is beautifully packaged and chock-full of hand-selected baby items that’ll have you itching to hold your new arrival. Yes, the items are technically for baby, but let’s be honest: Who’s going to swoon more over those adorable toys and gear? (Answer: You.) Choose how many months you’d like to receive a box for (anywhere between three and six). As each month passes, the number of gifts in the box corresponds to how many months you have left to go in your pregnancy, serving as a fun reminder you’re getting close to meeting baby! As you near the end of your pregnancy you’ll be getting fewer items, but don’t worry, they tend to be larger gifts. Each monthly pregnancy box even includes a fun poem to help you count down the moths.

Subscribe: from $40/month, CrateJoy.com

Photo: Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway Maternity Unlimited

If you were a Rent the Runway devotee before you got pregnant, you’ll love their amazing maternity offerings. Sign up and enter your due date to receive a revolving delivery of four pieces of maternity clothing, hand-picked by your personal stylist. You’ll receive clothes tailored not only to your tastes and preferences, but to your unique stage in pregnancy as well. First trimester pieces will help you hide your early pregnancy with layers and flowy tops, while second and third trimester pieces are forgiving and styled to fit your growing bump. Rent the Runway has tons of maternity and bump-friendly styles to choose from, for everyday wear all the way to black tie affairs. When you’ve finished with an article of clothing, send it back (with prepaid shipping) and they’ll send you new pieces to try–you get an unlimited number every month!

Subscribe: from $119/month, RentTheRunway.com/Maternity

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Blessings Box

One of our favorite pregnancy subscription boxes, if for no other reason than the completely adorable “Mama Bear” and “Papa Bear” mugs, is the Blessings Box. Arriving once each trimester, you’ll receive tons of wonderful pregnancy essentials like body oils and lotions to keep that stretching skin supple and smooth, healthy snacks for energy and optimal nutrition, and cute little extras (like that mug!). And they didn’t forget about Dad! He deserves some love and attention too. Now, you can gift him his very own subscription box, full of dad-specific items like treats to keep him on his feet during your long labor and a mug of his own.

Subscribe: from $34/month, CrateJoy.com

Photo: Courtesy Bumpte


Finding quality maternity wear that makes you feel great during your pregnancy isn’t always easy. Enter: Bumpte, a monthly pregnancy box that contains maternity clothes and accessories for you to enjoy through every trimester. When you subscribe to Bumpte, you’ll receive three hand-selected maternity items; they could be tops or pants or even a dress. Along with that comes a coordinating accessory, like a necklace or bracelet, and one “mystery item.” Or, you can opt for the “petite” box, which comes with one item of maternity clothing along with an accessory and mystery item. Either way, what mama-to-be wouldn’t want to receive fresh maternity styles every month of pregnancy?

Subscribe: from $36/month, CrateJoy.com

Photo: Courtesy Honest Co.

Honest Company Bundle

If you’re a mama-to-be who’s serious about keeping safe, natural products around the house, you’re sure to love the Honest Company bundle. Jessica Alba’s company, Honest, is committed to selling only natural, organic products. And goodie for you, you can have those products delivered right to your doorstep each month. Not only that, this bundle service lets you decide which type of bundle you’d like to receive. Choose from health and wellness (featuring vitamins and supplements), diapers and wipes, and baby formula. Or you can opt for the Honest Essentials bundle, where you can pick and choose from different categories, such as beauty products, personal care items and chemical-free house cleaners.

Subscribe: from $35/month, Honest.com/bundles

Photo: Courtesy Mouth

Cravings by Mouth

A monthly box that’s jam-packed with drool-worthy craveables—need we say more? We can’t get enough of these amazing boxes brought to you by Mouth. While it’s not exactly a subscription box for pregnancy specifically, we can’t think of anything more exciting when you’re expecting than a monthly delivery of pickles. But hey, if pickles aren’t your thing, there are also subscriptions for snack boxes, artisanal treats and a Best of Mouth box featuring chocolate, popcorn, hot sauce and more.

Subscribe: Pickles from $48/month, Mouth.com

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If you’re a mama-to-be who’s waiting on an adoption to go through, we haven’t forgotten you! After all, the love you’ll share with your adopted child has been growing in your heart, and grows stronger with each passing day. You deserve to be inspired, encouraged and pampered during your wait. And HeartGrown, a subscription box for adoptive mothers-to-be, is here to make things easier. They’ve curated beautifully packaged monthly gifts just for you, with items that’ll lift you up and get you excited. Choose from a mini box with one special item or a deluxe box with four to five gifts, each delivered monthly.

Subscribe: from $17/month, CrateJoy.comPublished March 2019

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